Letter to a Dear Friend

“Letter to Santa, 2014”
Personal correspondence. Pencil and Ink on paper. December 2014.


A letter taken from the Artist’s personal correspondence. It encapsulates the dreams and hopes of a young, impressionable girl, but at the same time a prescient concern for the recipient, travelling and working at the height of the busy, and unpredictable, festive season. Assuming, as one might do, that the random numbers are for some sort of Santa Roadside Assist program, or possibly the North Pole Emergency Services number. It’s hard to say, really.


Landscape in magic marker on computer paper. November 2014.

P1020680The artists rendering of a fox at home in his natural habitat. Maybe two foxes. Possibly even more. Who can tell? And there could also a rainbow. I think maybe even a person. Sheesh this art thing is hard.



“Landscape with Thunderstorm and Dora Chair”
Sketch with pencil on white paper. Autumn 2014.P1020681The artist sketches a bold study of the human experience in a turbulent natural world. A turbulent natural world equipped with comfy foam Dora chairs, and electricity which occasionally goes out, of course.


My Dad

“All About My Dad”
Mixed media. Magic marker and photocopied handout, laminated. Spring 2014.

P1020592A written word piece, encapsulating the artist’s feelings of regard for her father, as dictated to her kindergarten teacher, circa June 2014. Features a Dadaist portrait of the artist’s Dada in magic marker (washable). Also features self-portrait in magic marker (washable). Note the artist’s vibrant purple dress is the only colour in the portrait, as if to say, “Look at me! I am wearing a vibrant purple dress!” Or, you know, something.



Crayon and paper restaurant menu, Summer 2014.


A slightly Picasso-esque take on the feline overlords in her life. Or maybe Gaga-esque. Whatever. Insane, with a vacant stare, yet accessible and friendly.

Portrait of the Artist as a Young Girl

“Portrait of the Artist as a Young Girl”
Watercolours on construction paper. October 2013.P1020173The original. The one. The only. An introspective piece, from That Girl’s early years as a struggling artist. You know, the ones where she had no torso. And her arms were sprouting out the side of her head.