February. It Can Suck It, Man.

Ugh. February. If there’s one month of the year I hate, it’s February.¬† (Okay, I lied. I hate November too. And August. For different reasons entirely.) But still. Goddamn February, amirite?

Because, seriously. The darkness. Oh my dog, I have had ENOUGH of the waking up in the dark thing. I am DONE. Plus, because the weather is… well, WINTERY… it’s overcast and gray and darkish during the daytime, too. Sunshine is rare in February.

And it’s cold. Unrelenting cold. And here, in the armpit of southern Ontario, it does that unsettled weather thing, which means tons of snow and also freezing rain and wind and dog knows what else. Probably thundersnow and plagues of cold-resistant locusts or something. I wouldn’t be surprised.

But it is damp. Cold and dark and damp.

I hate it. Continue reading

Trudging Along

The days are trudging along. Literally.

It’s been So. Frigging. Cold. here recently, it’s all we can do to get ourselves bundled up against the -30 degree wind chill and make the walk to school. And getting bundled up again to go pick That Girl up and bring her home takes a real exercise in intestinal fortitude just to get myself out the door.

But that’s okay, because the last two days have been positively BALMY. It’s been almost at ZERO. Ish. And by “zero” I mean “somewhere around -8”. But WHATEVS.

And it snowed.

It snowed for the first time, really. Well, it snowed in November, didn’t it? And then disappeared for a month and a half? Or maybe I just imagined it. Continue reading

Winter, Dammit.

Winter is here. Dammit.

Well, temporarily anyway. We’ve got blowing and drifting snow, we’ve got wind chills in the minus teens, and slippy, slushy roads. Mind you, it’s nothing like the 5 feet of snow dumped on Buffalo, so I can’t complain too much.

But I am complaining a little, because a) I hate winter, and 2) I hate driving in winter. These things are exacerbated by the fact that I haven’t got snow tires on my car yet. Because the dealership where I get my car serviced is likely being BOMBARDED by requests for appointments from dopes like me who left getting their snow tires on until much too late, and thus they are booking appointments WELL INTO¬†DECEMBER.

But this is not entirely my fault, nor the other dopes without snowtires’s fault, nor the car dealership’s fault. Because SO MUCH SNOW WAY TOO SOON. It is NOVEMBER for the love of expletives. Continue reading

Colour and Cool and Love and Hate

I had a brief discussion with an online acquaintance on Twitter the other day about fall. Specifically, how every year I get all pissed off about the oncoming cold and damp and generally autumn-like weather that occurs, despite the fact that IT HAPPENS EVERY YEAR.

I am always, ALWAYS annoyed and irritated by the chill in the air that causes me to pull out sweaters and slippers. Which is ridiculous, because OHAI WELCOME TO OCTOBER IN CANADA KTHXBAI.

Am I in denial? Or simply an idiot?

Don’t answer that. Continue reading

Weather or Not

I just packed up my kid (who is my “assistant” at work this summer, owing to a lack of childcare options) and left work in a bit of a hurry, because weather was expected.

The folks I work with and I were chatting between ourselves at work. “We’re expecting some weather.” “There’s some weather rolling in.” That sort of thing.

To which my boss Bob — who can’t resist making a little joke — said, “Don’t we always have weather?”

Yes, Bob, we do. Facepalm. Continue reading

And So We Begin Anew

It’s another year here at the House of Peevish. Another year has begun. Did you have a good holiday season? Good. I did, mostly. Although I got sick, as usual. Just a cold, but the phlegmy coughy bits have been hanging on…

Oh. Too much detail? You didn’t care that much. I see.

Well, it’s cold enough to freeze a monkey’s bum here. We’re under a blizzard warning, for the first time in recent memory (or, since I began looking at the local weather on the internet, anyway), which is nice. We’re also under a windchill warning, ONE OF MY FAVOURITE THINGS IN THE WHOLE WIDE WORLD, I TELL YOU TRULY.

Not. Continue reading