What News? No News. Good News?

It’s October! And we are officially one month into the school year. And I have nothing to report.

Which, I have to admit, leaves me a bit… well, concerned is not the right word. But I’m certainly feeling a sense of vague apprehension, like maybe something is coming and I should be expecting it. Or maybe not.

Sheesh, I am crap at describing things today. Just go with it. Continue reading

Treading Water

This first week back to school always feels like treading water. Lots of movement and work, and staying afloat, but going nowhere.

I suppose that’s the nature of things this week for most people. You have to get organized to get your little people off to school, but a lot of that means waiting for other people — teachers, school admins, whatever — to get themselves organized. Then they will pass along the information that will enable you to get yourself fully organized. Continue reading

Not Done Yet

Apparently, summer is not done with us yet. It’s going to be 30 degrees and humid as fuck all week here.

So, although we are supposed to be preparing for school — getting back on schedule, ramping up our homework, reading, buying school stuff — we are instead spending our days swimming, playing games on PBS Kids, playing Zombie Dice and Yahtzee, and sleeping in a bit longer than is probably helpful.

Oh well. I remember fitting in as much as possible in the days leading up to school, in the sad anticipation of the end of summer holidays.

Besides, That Girl has been working hard at therapy and exercises and homework and reading all summer, so it’s not like a few more hours of work will be a game-changer. Continue reading

Change in the Air

Summer is drawing to a close. It’s been a beautiful summer, mostly, in terms of weather; the best we have had in years. We were away and missed the humidity festival that was Ontario in late July, so for us, we’ve really enjoyed some gorgeous summer weather.

So in that respect, I am kind of sad to see the end of summer. I would like the lovely weather to carry on and on.

But it does not. The past few days have been downright cool. The pool is starting to have a hard time holding the heat during the cool overnight temperatures. The tip-top of our tree had started to turn gold. And that means fall is upon us.

Even though it is still officially summer, September starts next week and with it, school is back in the following week. And really, that means fall to me.

And I am okay with that, really. Fall is my favourite season.

I like the change from summer to fall. There are lots of good things happening at this time of year. Continue reading

It’s My Own Damn Fault

So. I have made a couple fatal parenting FAILs in the past few weeks. QUELLE SURPRISE.

First, I have taught That Girl to “knit” using a little starter knitting loom. And by “taught” I mean “requires a good deal of assistance” in the creation of long tubes of yarnwork with many dropped stitches. Which means her knitting consists of much hollering of MOOOOOOMMMMM, I DID SOMETHING….

And the second thing I have done is started introducing her to teen comedies, mostly from the glory days of the 80s. But some modern ones too. YES I KNOW THERE IS LANGUAGE AND INNUENDO SO SUE ME. I survived the 80s, why shouldn’t she? ALSO GOOD MUSIC.

HOWEVER. Continue reading


Sorry I’ve been AFK for awhile. We’ve had a lot on the go.

Most specifically, as That Girl has turned 7, we had arranged for a psychoeducational evaluation to be done. This means that she gets official word, based on the analysis of the results a series of tests, about what learning disabilities or disabilities or whatever she might have. It gives her teachers a milestone from which they can develop education plans or ask for assistance or whatever might be needed, and it gives us a basis from which to look for therapies or apply for assistance or go merrily on our way.

It’s an important test, but a bit daunting.

Depending on the results, if you talk to various parents, your world can completely change. There can be a “before” and an “after” and it can be upsetting. One mom told me about her son’s diagnosis day, where he went from her “son with developmental issues” to her “autistic son”. She says she cried for weeks. Continue reading

Time to Breathe

Can you believe it… the school year is done in 4 days. I know I am not the one in school, but oh my dog, I am so ready for school to be out. And, as far as I can tell from other parents, I am not the only one.

I am looking forward to a break. I will still have things to do this summer, but I’m pretty much up to here with the homework and the discussions and the checking in and and the sending in money for everything. I’m ready for, you know, NOT doing those things for a little while. Continue reading

Don’t Say It. I Know.

I’ve been negligent in my posting duties. It’s already the 11th of March and I have yet to post something this month. WTF WHAT IS THAT I DON’T EVEN.

Well, it’s already been a busy month. Next week — March break!! — will be mercifully quiet, with just two therapy appointments and maybe a couple of play dates. O JOYFUL QUIET, O PEACE. Or so I hope.

So I will once again use the lame excuse We have been busy, and I will do so for the following reasons: Continue reading

Saturday Smile: Neutral Corners

Hullo again!

It’s been, once again, busy times here at the House of Peevish. After appointments and work stress and colds and aches-and-pains and all the rest, we are tired. Even Stinkerbelle has been feeling just Up. To. Here. and tired.

So, since the weather calls for “a mixed bag of snow, ice pellets, and freezing drizzle for Southern Ontario this weekend”, we have decided it is a good weekend to stay home, stay in, stay comfy, and relax. And that means, we will all go to our neutral corners and do our own things.

BDH is playing shoot-’em-up games on his computer. I am sitting in front of the faux fire listening to podcasts/watching costume dramas and knitting. And That Girl is having a jammie day and lounging around watching cartoons.



(Note that she could watch TV and sit on the sofa if she wanted to. But her bed is comfy and has the added bonus of blankets and stuffed-animal friends and nap-ability. So that is her neutral corner. I can’t knit while lying down, or I would totally opt for that, too.)

Tomorrow, maybe we’ll be more inspired. But today, we relax.