Stair Repair, Part the First

So I said I would tell you about our project to reclaim our stairs, and indeed I shall. Or, at least, I’ll tell you about the first part, because we’re nowhere near finished yet.

I don’t suspect we’ll be finished for a very long time, mainly because Budget. Also, if I am being completely honest, because Procrastination.

So if I were you I would settle myself in for a long wait, with a not-terribly-exciting finish when all is said and done. Continue reading

An Update From the DIY Trenches

So, remember how last week I was all DO ALL THE THINGS!!

Well, we did!

We started two projects in the last week. The first was to redo our stairs — from carpet to wood — and the second was to make our own apple jelly.

Remember when you were younger, and you would go out with friends and drink a lot, and then wake up the next morning and swear “I am NEVER. DRINKING. AGAIN”? Continue reading

Do All the Things!!

Well, we’re into the second week of September (well, third, actually, if you count those first three days as a week OKAY FINE, TWO AND A HALF WEEKS THEN) and the weather is settling down and our routines are starting to sort themselves and all seems well.

Except now I want to DO ALL THE THINGS!

I think it’s the return of free time after managing That Girl all summer. Suddenly I have my day to myself again. And I just need to fill it. Continue reading

Stepping Outside Our Comfort Zone

As I mentioned last week, we’ve put new flooring in our once-was-living-room-then-became-playroom-and-once-again-will-be-living-room. And now, I have pictures.

I think I mentioned that in our tiny home of bad spaces, we have an open-ish main floor. It was once a tiny kitchen and tiny living room but, once Stinkerbelle came home, we took all the furniture (there was not much to begin with) out of the living room, leaving just an old TV and an Ikea chair, and added a bunch of toys. And hey, presto! A playroom.

It worked well. For five years, I could work in the kitchen and cats and kid could play, supervised, with easy access to toys and snacks and doors to go outside (well, not the cats, but me and the kid).

But, during said time, the already showing-its-wear carpet took quite a beating, with messes and barfing and peeing and spilling of both the human and the feline variety. Over the years, it’s fair to say our poor little carpet steam cleaner got quite a workout. Continue reading

Levelling Up

So, it’s been a busy couple of weeks around here, because OMG PROJECTS. And, to be fair, a visit from a much-missed friend from Australia, and a long weekend. So much going on, and much of it good.

But let’s focus on the home improvement stuff, because SO EXCITE. Seriously. I’ve been waiting years — YEARS, I SAY — to be able to accomplish some of these things, so I have to say, I’m pretty pleased.

Let’s start with the weekend before last, in which farewell was bid to an apple tree, a shed was built, and a scalp was sunburned. Continue reading

Inside and Out

We have been plugging away at our home improvement projects. And when I say “plugging away”, what I mean is “not doing much of anything at all, really”.

Well, these things take time.

We finished painting our one-day-to-be-reclaimed living room, with two coats of paint. And we were eager to get on to putting in the flooring, so we made a decision on the type and colour, and BDH ran out to Home Despot and bought the flooring, as well as underlay and supplies and tools.

And then we found that you have to let your flooring sit and acclimate or acclimatize or some such word meaning “sit around and get used to the environment” or something, for at least THREE DAYS. Continue reading

SLOW! Speed Reduced. Construction Zone.

Welcome to spring and home renovation season! We are currently living in a construction zone.

Our house has needed some work since… well, since we moved in, honestly. But money and time can be scarce, not to mention the human resources (two tired people like us) to get the job done. But this year, we decided to bite the bullet and just get started.

It took a little prioritizing. We have so many things that we need or want to do, and very limited funds to do so. So, it was a matter of just making some decisions and getting started.  Continue reading