Do All the Things!!

Well, we’re into the second week of September (well, third, actually, if you count those first three days as a week OKAY FINE, TWO AND A HALF WEEKS THEN) and the weather is settling down and our routines are starting to sort themselves and all seems well.

Except now I want to DO ALL THE THINGS!

I think it’s the return of free time after managing That Girl all summer. Suddenly I have my day to myself again. And I just need to fill it. Continue reading

On the Third Day of Xmas

…Environment Canada gave to me… ice pellets and a whole lot of cold winter wind.¬†And some snow, to be fair.

Yesterday’s weather was fairly craptacular, but I have to ask… where was the white stuff all December, huh? It would have been useful in the run-up to Christmas, if only to make me feel more festive.

Christmas has come and gone for another year, and I have to be honest: I was not feeling it. Not even remotely. There was rain and darkness for most of November AND December, and as I mentioned in a previous post, for someone like me who suffers from SAD in the dark months, I just wanted to curl up and hibernate.

So I was not feeling particularly festive. Which my long-excessive-Christmas-decoration-suffering husband can tell you, is pretty unusual. Continue reading

The Sprint for the Finish Line


We’re tired. We’re ALL tired. I’m caught in a SAD sneaky hate spiral as the region has been overcast and foggy for nigh on two weeks. Ish. BDH is working as hard as ever.

And That Girl? Well, she’s got the ends of all her various activities, plus continuing therapy, plus the chaos and excitement of school and field trips and projects and creeping Xmas hysteria.

She’s exhausted.

Continue reading

Summer and Vacation

It’s summer. And we are back from our usual summer vacation in Nova Scotia. Actually, we came back last week, but it’s taken us a week to get our feet under us and get running again, if I am honest.

(Why is that? It’s like you need a vacation to recover from your vacation. I don’t get it. But I digress.)

This summer — and I hesitate to say it for fear of Montreal-ing* myself — has been pretty much perfect, weather-wise. We’ve had clear skies and perfect warm days, interspersed with some rainy ones and great storms — and we were out of town when this area got hit with blistering heat and humidity, so we missed that too! Continue reading

Time to Breathe

Can you believe it… the school year is done in 4 days. I know I am not the one in school, but oh my dog, I am so ready for school to be out. And, as far as I can tell from other parents, I am not the only one.

I am looking forward to a break. I will still have things to do this summer, but I’m pretty much up to here with the homework and the discussions and the checking in and and the sending in money for everything. I’m ready for, you know, NOT doing those things for a little while. Continue reading

Festive Week 1 Recap: Snacks, Dress-Up, Gunfire and Yarn

Well, week one of our Christmas holiday is done. Did you have a nice Christmas? I hope you did.

It has been very, very quiet here, which is actually one of my very favourite things about Christmas on our street. The students go home to wherever they came from, and many of the neighbourhood families go to spend the holidays with their relatives. So that leaves just a handful of homes occupied, and that means few cars coming and going, very little noise, and a generally peaceful week.

It’s been raining and windy, which is kind of crappy. But it has also kept most people indoors, too, so that adds to the quiet. I’m guessing the street will become more populous and busy today, as people will start going back to work. But not all, so it will still be relatively quiet. Continue reading

Festive FAIL.

Yesterday was a party day at Stinkerbelle’s school. Dress up in red and green! Wear festive hats!

And we were in luck, to participate in such festive merriment. She had the red shirt! She had reindeer antlers on a headband, festooned with jingle bells!


P1020740So, that happened.


Two Weeks

Yeah, I know. I’ve not been around. Because SO. BUSY.

Not a good excuse, I know. But you know what? I am sure you understand. We’re busy people, all of us.

But this week, I am actually beginning to feel a bit of that busy-ness easing up a little bit. Some of Stinkerbelle’s classes have ended for this semester — for the first week I am not sherpa-ing her and her gear to the pool or the dojo. My badminton night is over for this term. That Girl’s therapy sessions are finishing for the Xmas break.

And I actually said to BDH this week, “I know that I’m not actually ON Xmas break yet, but as far as my brain is concerned… yeah, I AM.” Continue reading