February. It Can Suck It, Man.

Ugh. February. If there’s one month of the year I hate, it’s February.  (Okay, I lied. I hate November too. And August. For different reasons entirely.) But still. Goddamn February, amirite?

Because, seriously. The darkness. Oh my dog, I have had ENOUGH of the waking up in the dark thing. I am DONE. Plus, because the weather is… well, WINTERY… it’s overcast and gray and darkish during the daytime, too. Sunshine is rare in February.

And it’s cold. Unrelenting cold. And here, in the armpit of southern Ontario, it does that unsettled weather thing, which means tons of snow and also freezing rain and wind and dog knows what else. Probably thundersnow and plagues of cold-resistant locusts or something. I wouldn’t be surprised.

But it is damp. Cold and dark and damp.

I hate it. Continue reading

And Here We Go Again

Vacation is done, and a new year is started. And here we are, back on the crazy train.

Just like so many other families, no doubt.

It was good to have the rest, I must admit. We were tired, and down time was definitely needed. Even That Girl didn’t complain and whine about when she was able to go back to school. We all needed the time off.

And, as we always find when we go full tilt boogie until vacation starts, the minute we start to gear down and relax, we get sick. Continue reading

Festive Week 1 Recap: Snacks, Dress-Up, Gunfire and Yarn

Well, week one of our Christmas holiday is done. Did you have a nice Christmas? I hope you did.

It has been very, very quiet here, which is actually one of my very favourite things about Christmas on our street. The students go home to wherever they came from, and many of the neighbourhood families go to spend the holidays with their relatives. So that leaves just a handful of homes occupied, and that means few cars coming and going, very little noise, and a generally peaceful week.

It’s been raining and windy, which is kind of crappy. But it has also kept most people indoors, too, so that adds to the quiet. I’m guessing the street will become more populous and busy today, as people will start going back to work. But not all, so it will still be relatively quiet. Continue reading

Winter, Dammit.

Winter is here. Dammit.

Well, temporarily anyway. We’ve got blowing and drifting snow, we’ve got wind chills in the minus teens, and slippy, slushy roads. Mind you, it’s nothing like the 5 feet of snow dumped on Buffalo, so I can’t complain too much.

But I am complaining a little, because a) I hate winter, and 2) I hate driving in winter. These things are exacerbated by the fact that I haven’t got snow tires on my car yet. Because the dealership where I get my car serviced is likely being BOMBARDED by requests for appointments from dopes like me who left getting their snow tires on until much too late, and thus they are booking appointments WELL INTO DECEMBER.

But this is not entirely my fault, nor the other dopes without snowtires’s fault, nor the car dealership’s fault. Because SO MUCH SNOW WAY TOO SOON. It is NOVEMBER for the love of expletives. Continue reading

Shape Shifting

I had a doctor’s appointment today.

I love having a doctor again. I hadn’t had one for, what, at least five years, and it was challenging. Now, when I say I “didn’t” have a doctor, what I actually mean is “I had a doctor in name only, but she was fairly incompetent and almost impossible to get access to because she had no receptionist”. So being able to call up a doctor’s office, and schedule an appointment that fits in with my schedule, is wonderful.

But because I went without for quite some time, my health went unchecked, for the most part, for the better part of five or six years. So, since signing on with my new clinic, we’ve been playing a lot of catch up. It’s odd, because I am unaccustomed to someone actually trying to make me healthier. Continue reading

Enjoy the Silence

One of the things I like best about the summer is that EVERYONE GOES AWAY.

When summer vacation rolls around, our neighbours start to go on vacation. Well, the ones with kids do, anyway — the ones without are working, and they are away all day. And so — with the exception of the World’s Noisiest Air Conditioning Unit, owned by our next-door neighbours — our street becomes blissfully quiet.

It’s wonderful, this quiet. That Girl would probably beg to differ, with just me to play with and no kids around, she’s not as big a fan.

But for me, I can hear myself think. At least, until That Girl starts talking my ear off, in that way that six-year-old girls have. Continue reading

Weather or Not

I just packed up my kid (who is my “assistant” at work this summer, owing to a lack of childcare options) and left work in a bit of a hurry, because weather was expected.

The folks I work with and I were chatting between ourselves at work. “We’re expecting some weather.” “There’s some weather rolling in.” That sort of thing.

To which my boss Bob — who can’t resist making a little joke — said, “Don’t we always have weather?”

Yes, Bob, we do. Facepalm. Continue reading

SLOW! Speed Reduced. Construction Zone.

Welcome to spring and home renovation season! We are currently living in a construction zone.

Our house has needed some work since… well, since we moved in, honestly. But money and time can be scarce, not to mention the human resources (two tired people like us) to get the job done. But this year, we decided to bite the bullet and just get started.

It took a little prioritizing. We have so many things that we need or want to do, and very limited funds to do so. So, it was a matter of just making some decisions and getting started.  Continue reading

Fangirling in the Wild

We fly the geek flag high at our house.

We love our various corners of fandom — Doctor Who for That Girl and I, BDH and his tabletop gaming stuff, and BDH and I sharing various others like Marvel and Sherlock and such — and here at home, it’s just the normal way of the world to be a geek about these things.

We love what we love, and it’s okay to do that.

But out in the world, we realize a lot of people are not aware of such things. Not everybody listens to podcasts about geek culture or watches every episode of a series or buys swag off the interwebs. Not everybody cares about what we care about, just like we don’t go in for the reality shows or sitcoms or sports teams or whatever others are fans of. And it’s all good.

So when you just randomly meet up with someone who IS geeking out about the same stuff you are, it’s freaking cool. Continue reading

Let the Sunshine In

So I haven’t posted anything in a while. I could make a bunch of excuses, blah blah blah, yada yada yada, except I haven’t got any. Nothing.

It’s not like we’ve been sick. It hasn’t been unusually busy for me. I haven’t had anything terribly exciting happen. It’s just been a regular week full of… well, nothing remarkable, really. Lots of work, lots of laundry, lots of appointments and the usual stuff.

But I kind of reached… A POINT… where I was just seriously ready to hibernate and never wake up again. The weather — well, this winter that never ends was just NEVER GOING TO END, and I was tired and feeling the funk of sensory winter depression.

And then the sun came out. Continue reading

Clawing Our Way Back From Chaos

This winter, it feels like we’ve had lots of disarray. And you know how it is around here — we like our routine. We do well with routine. But it’s been one of those winters where you’re puttering along and then suddenly plans change and OMG WRENCH IN THE WORKS WHAT IS THIS I DON’T EVEN.

I can’t say what it is, exactly. A combination of factors, maybe. And it’s usually nothing big, just little things that must be done here and things you want to do there, an irresistable force here and an immoveable object there… and pretty soon I’m all WHAT HAPPENED TO MY NICE STRUCTURED DAY.

And you can imagine how THAT plays with me.  Continue reading

Finding Happy

It’s a fair comment to say that I’ve been struggling to be happy these past few weeks.

There are a number of factors contributing to my down mood. The holidays are over, which is always a come-down. An online acquaintance, a young vibrant woman, died of H1N1 flu this week. Stinkerbelle is fully five, in all it’s glory, and with that comes a whole host of challenging behaviours. Unrelated to that, we’re getting her into private Occupational Therapy and Speech Therapy to assist her with catching up developmentally, which is a bit of running around and a fair bit of money, which will be hard. The weather has been frigid and cold. But mostly, I am a person who gets the winter blues, or SAD, in the midwinter, and so the dark and cold of late January and February see me struggling. Continue reading