Things That Are Wrong In My World

Things are wrong in my world, people.

Normally, I occasionally do a FAIL Friday post when it is me who is the purveyor of stupid. But today? It is other people and things, and I confess that I am just shaking my head and boggling. It makes me just want to crawl into a blanket fort with snacks and alcohol until the world rights itself again.

But I do not. Instead, I come to tell YOU, my Internets Peeps. For you understand me. Continue reading

Can’t Word

Ugh. I can’t word today.

I have another cold. This is probably the fourth cold I have had since the start of September, and frankly, I’m getting a little peevish about the whole thing. I mean, it’s just a cold, no big deal, but STILL.

Four colds since school started. Four!! I AM BEGINNING TO TAKE THIS PERSONALLY.

My eyes are running and appear to be on a strike action similar to the teachers here — doing only what is absolutely necessary. My sinuses, on the other hand, are working full out, draining ick down the back of my throat for the most part. Although today, for a change of pace, I am blowing my nose a lot as well. FUN! Continue reading

Extended Summer Hours In Effect

It has been a glorious September, weather-wise, for the most part. One of the nicest Septembers that I can remember in a long time.

So I was not here at the computer last week.

I went outside, when possible. Walking, sitting out on the patio, taking pictures of That Girl and the local wildlife… it was all about being outside. We enjoyed what we could while we could, with 22 degree sunny days being the norm.  Continue reading

Treading Water

This first week back to school always feels like treading water. Lots of movement and work, and staying afloat, but going nowhere.

I suppose that’s the nature of things this week for most people. You have to get organized to get your little people off to school, but a lot of that means waiting for other people — teachers, school admins, whatever — to get themselves organized. Then they will pass along the information that will enable you to get yourself fully organized. Continue reading

Change in the Air

Summer is drawing to a close. It’s been a beautiful summer, mostly, in terms of weather; the best we have had in years. We were away and missed the humidity festival that was Ontario in late July, so for us, we’ve really enjoyed some gorgeous summer weather.

So in that respect, I am kind of sad to see the end of summer. I would like the lovely weather to carry on and on.

But it does not. The past few days have been downright cool. The pool is starting to have a hard time holding the heat during the cool overnight temperatures. The tip-top of our tree had started to turn gold. And that means fall is upon us.

Even though it is still officially summer, September starts next week and with it, school is back in the following week. And really, that means fall to me.

And I am okay with that, really. Fall is my favourite season.

I like the change from summer to fall. There are lots of good things happening at this time of year. Continue reading

Summer and Vacation

It’s summer. And we are back from our usual summer vacation in Nova Scotia. Actually, we came back last week, but it’s taken us a week to get our feet under us and get running again, if I am honest.

(Why is that? It’s like you need a vacation to recover from your vacation. I don’t get it. But I digress.)

This summer — and I hesitate to say it for fear of Montreal-ing* myself — has been pretty much perfect, weather-wise. We’ve had clear skies and perfect warm days, interspersed with some rainy ones and great storms — and we were out of town when this area got hit with blistering heat and humidity, so we missed that too! Continue reading

Time to Breathe

Can you believe it… the school year is done in 4 days. I know I am not the one in school, but oh my dog, I am so ready for school to be out. And, as far as I can tell from other parents, I am not the only one.

I am looking forward to a break. I will still have things to do this summer, but I’m pretty much up to here with the homework and the discussions and the checking in and and the sending in money for everything. I’m ready for, you know, NOT doing those things for a little while. Continue reading

Mutual of Ontario’s Wild Kingdom

I love this town, because it is mostly animal-friendly (thank you agriculture and veterinary schools at the university!) And, given that we live in a house that backs on to watershed/conservation land, we get to experience a lot of it first-hand.

Sometimes, it’s an encounter that is more unfortunate. A few weeks ago, as That Girl and I were walking home from school, we were coming down the sidewalk and I noticed a small skunk on our lawn. As skunks are nocturnal, 3:30 in the afternoon is not a natural time for them to be out and about.

As we got closer, I noticed something was definitely wrong with the skunk. It was ill or injured in some way. It would hobble around a few steps, look for something to eat in the grass, hobble around a bit more, and lie down. Eventually, it sort of collapsed at the bottom of the driveway, and stayed there. Continue reading

The One Where I Like Stuff

Well, May is done. It was an extraordinarily long month. Lots of work for BDH, lots of appointments for That Girl, lots of doctor and physio appointments for me… And we got FURNITURE. Grown up, actual, real, FURNITURE.

A sofa. And a chair. Not from Ikea. Just let that sink in for a couple of minutes.


So it was a busy month, but there were many good things too. My shoulder is healed via physio and exercises to the point where today will be my last physio appointment for the indefinite future. And I can exercise again. So, YAY!

But because it was busy, we did a bit of blanket fort-ing on the weekends, or whenever we needed to just rest. Movies and TV and knitting and games. Nice.

I have binge watched a few things. A number of times. (Not just in May, mind. But also in May, if you know what I mean.) Things like… Continue reading

A Little Less Conversation

A little more action over here…

Yes, it has been a busy time at The House of Peevish, and so — perhaps you noticed? — I took a bit of a break from blablahblah-ing all over Teh Interwebs about it.

Now, part of it was that we went to Cuba. I know, I did briefly mention it, in the abstract. (And the concrete, with the moaning over shots and whatnot.) But I wasn’t all GUESS WHAT WE’RE GOING TO CUBA TOMORROW WOOHOO. Because it’s just good common sense to, you know, NOT advertise all over your blog that you’re going to be out of the country and not home and OHAI INTERNET STALKING BURGLARS WE’RE NOT HOME COME STEAL ALL OUR STUFF KTHXBAI.

So, you know, that happened.

Also, BDH was set to have surgery. And that meant that I’d be busy, not just with my regular running to and from therapies and swimming and karate and whatever with That Girl, and my usual work around the house (and not), but also taking care of BDH. So, before that date came along, there was rescheduling of all of life’s busy events and clearing a couple of weeks of the calendar to be available.

Except… it was supposed to be today. It got postponed at the 11th hour, yesterday afternoon, because the surgeon is sick.

So. Suddenly and without warning, LOOKIT ALL THE TIME I HAVE.

Okay, not really. But after several unusually busy and/or absent weeks… I find myself with some time to sit. And post.

SO. How have you been, Internet Peeps? Have you been well? Busy? That’s nice. Or not. I don’t know. Answer however you feel appropriate; you know we trust you.

I’ve been fine. But it has been a tiring, and in some ways tiresome, couple of weeks. So the break was a good one.

Anyway. Things have happened! You have missed things, O Internetfriends, oh yes you have!! (Okay, not really super duper exciting things, to be completely honest. But whatever. Shut up.) I have to tell you about:

  • my ridiculous 24 hours of blood pressure,
  • being in the middle of a tempers-approaching-critical angry mob situation in the airport in Cuba,
  • cancellation policies of ridiculous proportions,
  • Dudebros, both foreign and domestic,
  • killer moths, and
  • other tales of the ridiculous from life here in Peevishland.

But not now. Now, I must go pack a bag and then cart That Girl across town for swimming lessons.

Which, as you well know, could be another adventure. Stranger things have happened.

Don’t Say It. I Know.

I’ve been negligent in my posting duties. It’s already the 11th of March and I have yet to post something this month. WTF WHAT IS THAT I DON’T EVEN.

Well, it’s already been a busy month. Next week — March break!! — will be mercifully quiet, with just two therapy appointments and maybe a couple of play dates. O JOYFUL QUIET, O PEACE. Or so I hope.

So I will once again use the lame excuse We have been busy, and I will do so for the following reasons: Continue reading