Cast of Characters

Here’s the cast of characters in this unorthodox suburban bedroom farce we call life at the House of Peevish:

CinnamonOpus — That Girl’s mum. BigDamnHero’s partner. Cat minion. Knitter of square things. Crocheter of 3D things. Sports fan. Project starter. Compulsive baker. Doctor Who fan. Typer of words. Music geek. Anglophile. Dreamer of antipodean dreams. Bad dresser. Breaker of Internets. Chronically sleep deprived.

Big Damn Hero — Ain’t he just? Also known as BDH. Uber geek. Gentle yet boisterous baby wrangler. Fixer of Internets. Shopaholic. Aaron Sorkin fan. Indulgent of his wife and daughter to a fault. Tenderhearted romantic. Soccer goalie. Lover of the good life. At war with his gallbladder. In need of sleep.

Stinkerbelle a.k.a. That Girl — The artist formerly known as That Baby, and before that, our Mystery Baby. Child of dreams. Singer of tuneless, soulful songs. Frequent full-throated expressions of joy. Music lover. Drama llama. Shouty. Full of beans. Broken record. Hilarious. Beautiful. Whip smart. Joyous.

Duncan — Gray and white tabby bundle o’ love. Lover of cat cookies. Owner of many spaceships. As big as a mid-sized car, but with less doors. Afraid of small rodents. Not bad, just drawn that way. He’s a pretty, pretty princess.

Chester — Blonde boy of adventure. BDH’s boy, and owner of said BDH. Gets away with a lot because he’s so cute. Happy-looking face. Escape artist. Troublemaker. FIV positive. Snaggletooth. Lover of all boxes. If he fits, he sits.

And finally…

Lucy — My gone-too-soon heart cat. Lavender and silver oriental shorthair. Showgirl. Heat-seeking missile. Face like a saucy elf. Has her very own alarm system. Enters a room like Kramer from Seinfeld. Will cut you for some chicken. Bubby-in-training.

Cinnamon — Recently departed and much loved Orange tabby. Afraid of her own shadow. Sweetest disposition. Betty Boop voice. Adored her Bubby. Never gave us a lick of trouble.

Opus a.k.a. The Bubby — Tuxedo tabby cat who left the building a la Elvis in 2009. Still comes up in everyday conversation. Very small. Very bossy. 20 pounds of fury in a fuzzy 6 pound bag. Never believed she was a cat. Resented us bringing home cats. Deaf as a post. Shouted a lot, and not just because she was deaf. Possibly haunting us, or at the very least, occasionally operating the other cats by remote control. Best cat ever.