Boogers. Boogers Everywhere.

So, hey. How’s it going? I was away for awhile. Because I was on BOOGER PATROL.

Once again. That Girl was sick, as often happens with the under-10 set, walking petri dishes that they are. And despite the fact that it was just a cold, this one was a bit different from past colds.

Because if you’re going to catch a cold, why not do it RIGHT, I say. No point in putting in some half-arsed effort, amirite?? Continue reading

Things That Are Wrong In My World

Things are wrong in my world, people.

Normally, I occasionally do a FAIL Friday post when it is me who is the purveyor of stupid. But today? It is other people and things, and I confess that I am just shaking my head and boggling. It makes me just want to crawl into a blanket fort with snacks and alcohol until the world rights itself again.

But I do not. Instead, I come to tell YOU, my Internets Peeps. For you understand me. Continue reading


It’s cold out today. We got dumped on with snow, 10 or 15 centimetres, yesterday and overnight. It was little snow, so it accumulates, and it is light and fluffy.

Our house — most of our neighbourhood, actually — is situated at the top of a hill. A ridge, actually, if the name of That Girl’s school is any indication. Consequently, it is quite often quite windy, and on days where there’s a forecast of gusting winds, particularly so.

So on days like today, with blowing snow and wind chills, trust me when I tell you, it is pretty cold. Continue reading

Oh FFS, 2016

So, first it was David Bowie on Sunday. And now I wake up this morning to hear that the brilliant, funny, genuinely decent Alan Rickman has died. Also of cancer. Also at 69.

We are two weeks in, and so far 2016 is not impressing me. Seriously. To quote one of the brilliant peeps on my Rav LSG group, of which both Bowie and Alan Rickman are patron saints,

2016 is grounded and sent to its room, where it can sit and have a long, hard look at its decision-making.

Also, because it always bears saying… fuck cancer.

There’s a Starman Waiting in the Sky

David Bowie died yesterday, and my 16-year-old heart broke.

I remember standing in front of the stage when Bowie played Exhibition Stadium in Toronto in 1983, and I was in awe. He was dazzling, he was electric, he was riveting. He was brilliant. I had been to The Police Picnic concert a few weeks earlier, and that summer cemented how important music was in my life. I just stood there, amazed, and realized it could not get any better than this.

There’s a starman waiting in the sky
He’d like to come and meet us
But he thinks he’d blow our minds
There’s a starman waiting in the sky
He’s told us not to blow it
Cause he knows it’s all worthwhile
He told me:
Let the children lose it
Let the children use it
Let all the children boogie

That lyric is breaking me today. My heroes are slowly leaving me.

On the Third Day of Xmas

…Environment Canada gave to me… ice pellets and a whole lot of cold winter wind. And some snow, to be fair.

Yesterday’s weather was fairly craptacular, but I have to ask… where was the white stuff all December, huh? It would have been useful in the run-up to Christmas, if only to make me feel more festive.

Christmas has come and gone for another year, and I have to be honest: I was not feeling it. Not even remotely. There was rain and darkness for most of November AND December, and as I mentioned in a previous post, for someone like me who suffers from SAD in the dark months, I just wanted to curl up and hibernate.

So I was not feeling particularly festive. Which my long-excessive-Christmas-decoration-suffering husband can tell you, is pretty unusual. Continue reading

The Sprint for the Finish Line


We’re tired. We’re ALL tired. I’m caught in a SAD sneaky hate spiral as the region has been overcast and foggy for nigh on two weeks. Ish. BDH is working as hard as ever.

And That Girl? Well, she’s got the ends of all her various activities, plus continuing therapy, plus the chaos and excitement of school and field trips and projects and creeping Xmas hysteria.

She’s exhausted.

Continue reading

Out the Other Side

So, it’s been a hard couple of weeks here at the House of Peevish, for various reasons. We’ve been sick or tired or cranky, or any combination thereof, and none of us has been at our best. At least, not all the time.

We’ve been sick, definitely, with various and sundry colds and whatnot. And we of the broken sleep do not do well when we are not well rested, so that adds insult to injury. Plus, we’ve been working hard. That Girl has been going full tilt boogie with therapies and schoolwork and homework and activities, until all she wants to do of a weekend is veg in front of the TV. I go with her, because I am the Kid Sherpa, so wrangling takes its toll on me too. And BDH? Well, his job is just normally full steam ahead, at the best of times, and that’s just the way it goes. Continue reading

Dear Universe

Dear Universe,

Today I was not at my best. You sent me a parenting challenge that I have to admit I handled in fairly sucktacular fashion. I yelled at my kid. I know all parents do it, but that doesn’t make me feel any better about it.

I’ve been feeling a bit challenged with coping lately on the parenting-a-kid-with-special-needs front. I’ve been sick, to be fair. But I have had a couple of challenges in the past week or two, dealing with people and decisions and plans and general Mom stuff, and I just feel like I have been letting everyone down. All over the place.

And then today. MOM FAIL.

So, Universe, knock it the fuck off. I mean it, Universe. I am giving you huge side eye right now. I AM UNIMPRESSED.

I MEAN… please Universe, if you could just cut me and mine a little slack for a little while, I’d appreciate it. And in return, I promise not to eat the rest of the Halloween candy.

Well, maybe just the Hershey bars. But I’ll leave the rest. Or at least I will try.

A Dissatisfied Customer.

P.S. I thought of just sending in an anonymous “WHO’S RESPONSIBLE?” a la Hawkeye Pierce. But I honestly don’t have the panache or the red bathrobe to pull it off.

Can’t Word

Ugh. I can’t word today.

I have another cold. This is probably the fourth cold I have had since the start of September, and frankly, I’m getting a little peevish about the whole thing. I mean, it’s just a cold, no big deal, but STILL.

Four colds since school started. Four!! I AM BEGINNING TO TAKE THIS PERSONALLY.

My eyes are running and appear to be on a strike action similar to the teachers here — doing only what is absolutely necessary. My sinuses, on the other hand, are working full out, draining ick down the back of my throat for the most part. Although today, for a change of pace, I am blowing my nose a lot as well. FUN! Continue reading