Doing All The Things

Greetings, fair friends of the interwebs! I have returned, from glorious outings into The World, where I have Done All The Things and also did some Adulting!!

Worship me!

Okay, so, when I say “all the things” what I mean is “a few things”. Some things. About half the things. I have done about half the things. (Hat tip, Sports Night.) And I did it over two days, not all just today.

Still, that’s pretty good, right? I went out into the world, where The People are, driving their Cars all over the place, like Crazed Maniacs. I did a thing!

And do you know WHY I went out into the world, doing all these things?

Because in a very few short days, as loose ends get tied up from BDH’s car accident, the insurance company and Toyota will have made a deal, and our time with a rental car will be over. And we will have to return it, at which time, we will have to make do with one car for the foreseeable future, because we cannot afford to get another car at this time.

All because an inattentive asshat totalled our brand new (mostly) car. Who is, I might add, inexplicably still That Girl’s bus driver.

LET US NOT SPEAK OF IT AGAIN. At least, for awhile. For it makes me a grumpy little bitchington.

So, yeah. For the first time in many, many years, and certainly for the only time since becoming a parent, I will be without a vehicle. It’s going to be a challenge.

I mean, it’s not like I have a vibrant social life. I have no friends to visit or social events to attend. Basically, I need a car for ferrying That Girl from place to place. And as she is older, and therapy appointments are more-or-less an occasional thing now, that really only means getting her to and from her sports.

The biggest issue will be if we get a call from school that That Girl is ill and needs to come home. If that happens, it will be up to BDH to pack up and come home and swing by her school to get her as he does so. It’s not that common an occurrence, but it does happen from time to time.

So we’ll deal with that if and when it happens.

The other thing, as That Girl pointed out to me this morning as we sat waiting for the school bus (DON’T SAY IT) was that she won’t be able to try out for the school volleyball team, or participate in any afterschool activities. And I won’t be able to volunteer or help coach the school volleyball team either.

Well, we’re all making sacrifices, and we can’t plan our lives around “maybes” and “what ifs”. And she’ll be in club developmental volleyball, one of the sports we’re planning around anyway.

There will be appointments of the medical sort, which we will still have to figure out, as well as things like shopping. Fortunately, we have almost nothing scheduled in the next few months, and in those instances, BDH will work from home so that I can take the car for dental appointments and flu shots and that sort of thing.

And as far as shopping goes… well, for our groceries, we’ve recently discovered the wonders of online shopping, which means we can put in our order and they will shop for us, and we drive down for a pre-selected timeslot and pick up our order.

It works WONDERFULLY well, and we can work that around BDH’s schedule. So that’s a big job sorted.

The rest of my shopping, I mostly do online, because AS YOU WELL KNOW I am as cheap as a cheap thing that is totally, completely cheap, and therefore online bargain shopping is my jam. So that is covered. Anything else I need, I have to walk to get, or wait to buy when I have a vehicle.

All this will enable us to try to live for the next 3-6 months, or whatever, with one car, paying one car payment (for however much remains to buy out my car; it could be as soon as the spring) and for one insurance payment (DO NOT MENTION INSURANCE, they are not my favourite people these days). Gas is also going to be an issue, as we are going from a hybrid to my little gas putt-putt-mobile, but it’s fairly reasonable on gas. So it is what it is.

Life changes.

So in preparation, I did a bunch of running around this week, to take care of some outstanding things to make ready for my soon-to-be car-free lifestyle. I went to Service Canada and renewed That Girl’s passport. I got the giant bag of kibble to see the cats through several months. I got prescriptions. I bought some stuff for Halloween. I returned library books.


Ugh, I hate Costco with the fire of a thousand burning buns. There are just so many dawdling, meandering PEOPLE. And I can never find half the stuff I want, because that shit ain’t even remotely organized.

But I did it. Toilet paper, parmesan, and APPLES.


Anyway, the last couple of days took some planning and some patience, given that our city, in its infinite lack of planning vision, continues its cunning plan of shutting down several major arteries, all at the same time. Because much of my foray into The People involved being in the north end of town, this essentially means I spent much of the time in a motorized, honking parking lot with half the other cars in the greater Suburbiaville region.

Such fun.

But now it is done, and I can settle in and live the life of a true homebody. Which I was, mostly, anyway.

But you know what’s good?

I won’t have to worry about where I will park my car for the next few months! It used to cause me all sorts of stress, wondering whether, if I went anywhere, the spot in front our our house where I normally park would be free when I returned. That was to leave the driveway free so BDH could just pull in when he came home, with no hassles.

We live next door to a music teacher with some of the most entitled and self-absorbed music parents on the planet, so parking was often an issue. (Let’s not even talk about the ones who felt it was their right to park across our driveway while they waited for their precious son or daughter to do their lesson.) And a couple of other neighbours with more cars than brains.

And in winter, we can’t park on the street, so it was always a challenge to park two cars in our single-car driveway. We managed, but it was a pain in the arse.

It’ll be good to not have that to deal with for awhile.

The other good thing, potentially, is that it might force me to walk again. Since I spent the year in physio, fixing my chronic back issues, and laid up for the summer with sciatica and bursitis in one knee, my exercise game has gone right down the dumper. I am not back to my sub-par but normal 75%, so walking is still really hard for me. It hurts, and it’s tiring, and I have regret afterwards.

But when That Girl was small, I would take her out in her stroller almost every day. And we walked EVERYWHERE. We did easily 5-7 km a day, sometimes more when we were feeling ambitious. So maybe it is time to start doing that again.

Slowly, at first, of course. I’m up to about 25 minutes now, which isn’t much, but it’s an improvement over the nothing it was a few months ago.

And there are also projects to do around the house. I can paint and stain and do that kind of thing. It needs it, dog knows, and I don’t mind doing that kind of project. Now that I am more mobile, I can do it at my own speed, even if it’s piecemeal and I need to take breaks.

So. We’ll see how things go. We’re trying to turn this colossal financial hit and arsefuttocking frustrating experience and make it into something good. It will require patience, and planning. And patience.

And we honestly don’t have much choice right now.

So, here’s to learning how to manage better with less. Here’s to saving a little money, potentially. Here’s to letting go of the anger and stress we’ve been feeling, and doing something proactive and positive.

Here’s to Adulting.

Although if you catch me post-apple jelly time in a week or so, I may not be in such a charitable and positive frame of mind. I will likely be hot and sticky and frustrated and cussing like a stevedore. Probably not the best time to remind me of all this. I’m just sayin’.