And We’re Back

So… hello again, good people of the internet.

How are you doing? I’ve been away for awhile. I needed some time off. But, encouraged by BDH, here I am again. Mostly, some would argue, because we are paying for this domain and not using it, but I choose to believe he misses my creative and quite frankly hilarious interwebs offerings.

So, what’s been going on, you ask? Well… nothing out of the ordinary, if I am honest. Oh, sure, on a larger philosophical level, there are parts of the world that are going to hell in a handcart, and as a species we are slowly drowning in our own toxic filth and setting the earth to boil away into a cloud of toxic steam, yes?

But around here… well, it’s just life, isn’t it. Life, in all its beautiful mundane complexity. Life’s rich pageant and all that.

Let me see if I can hit a few highlights as we go along here.

One of the main reasons I stopped posting was that I needed a break from the internet. It can be a toxic place, and with the political shitshow south of the border — and, indeed, here in Ontario — I just needed to unplug. A lot.

My social media use is thankfully quite limited, to Ravelry and to Twitter. I muted a lot of conversation on Twitter, because I was becoming angry and upset and stressed and overwhelmed. Now I am trying to view mostly happy feeds, like Thoughts of Dog and the MERL and other folks who make me smile and laugh.

We need more smiling and laughing these days, do humans in general.

In Rav it’s been much easier. Thanks to the way some of my groups work, you know before entering a thread if it’s going to be political or talking about violence or whatever, because a lot of folks were/are feeling the strain too. It has worked well, and you just have to resist the busy, hot threads where you know the stronger members of the Resistance are discussing the current distressing topics. My mojo goes with them, even if my spirit can’t take the strain just now.

So that has helped.

I’ve also been cocooning quite a bit here at home. I’ve been laid up for most of the year with a chronic bad back, which has made virtually every physical activity I try to enjoy into an opportunity for injury. Walking on the treadmill? Impossible! Walking out in the world? Think again, you decrepit wanker! Swimming? Fuck off with that, you! It has caused me simple wear-and-tear pain in one knee, bursitis in the other, back spasms, and the latest insult to injury, the everloving agony of sciatica.

Intense pain AND pins-and-needles numbness AT THE SAME TIME??? WHO THE FUCKING HELL’S IDEA WAS THIS?

On the upside, I could only be comfortable sitting, for a period of time there. So I have upped my crochet game like nobody’s business.¬†And with sitting with a heating pad and crafting comes entertainment. Mostly TV and movies.

I have been binge-watching upbeat comedies, comfort movies and series that I have loved for years, fluffy travel documentary programs, and all the (non-violent, non-rapey) period dramas. Lately I’ve been diving into our collection of old black-and-white movies and watching all the screwball comedies I can find. If we had old musicals, I’d be all over those, too.

I’ve even turned That Girl into a big of an old movie fan. She’s recently discovered Road movies with Crosby and Hope. Silly, predictable, easy to follow, and with a few musical numbers she’s as happy as Larry (however happy he is).

Speaking of whom (That Girl, of course, not Larry)…

A big reason why I did not post for a long time was because I was unsure how much talking about her was appropriate. She’s 10 now, and there comes a point when her privacy is an issue. She has the right to choose whether her stories are told in a public space like this. She’s growing, and changing, and soon these things are perhaps going to become very personal to her. And I felt it important to respect that, of course.

But, as a stay-at-home mom, she’s pretty much the centre of my life. So if I can’t talk about her as much, then what? What possible value is there in the day-to-day in MY life?

Well, I’ll tell you. One good look around the internet will tell you, there are millions of people with less to say than me saying a whole fuck of a lot more. And not with as much comedy, either. I mean, hells bells, have a good look at Instapound or BookFace and you can see half the people there posting every insignificant brain fart that passes as a thought.

Surely I can do as much, right? And probably more? And in a more interesting way, one would think?

Okay, let’s not push it, there, lady.

Mostly, though, I just missed writing stuff. I’ve been pushing pens around on paper to jot down thoughts and ideas and the like since I was a teenager. Probably even before then, after a fashion, and a bit randomly. But it’s always been my most comfortable means of expression.

So BDH said to me, why not just write… stuff? I mean, whatever you want to write?

He had a point there. I mean, it’s not like there’s this loyal readership of millions of folks hanging on my every word. The few people that swing by my site are either family, friends, or spammers. They just want to know what’s going on with me. And, let’s be honest, to laugh at my misadventures in cooking with carrots, dealing with bodily functions both human and feline, and to feel better about themselves when they see what a mess I have made of various home improvement and decorating adventures.

And I get to write, which I enjoy.

Everybody wins!

So as it stands, I am not entirely sure what I have to say, or how often I am going to say it. But I think, now that my day is mostly my own and I am getting better at planning my schedule, I can fit it in on occasion.

I mean, fall is coming, and that means there’s batches of apple jelly to fail at. What’s not to love? Cooking too, but I am mostly not terrible at that. We have become “less-meat-arians” this year, so that’s been all sorts of… well, mushrooms, mostly. But adventures abound in the kitchen, and now that it’s getting cooler after the insane oppressive humidity of the last two months, there will be cooking and baking again.

Also, we still have great dreams of home improvement, mostly still unrealized. I might tackle some of them too. Painting is a definite yes. Staining and varathaning, too. (Is that a word? “Varathaning”? Too bad if it’s not, I just invented it. I’ve done worse.)

And craftiness. I am thinking of doing crafty things! I have Unrealized Crafty Potential! Come, laugh at my many failures! (I blame my sister-in-law for this. Every time I visit her, I need to up my craftiness game.) And if nothing else, Christmas is coming, and DOG KNOWS there’s all sorts of opportunity for failure there.

So, yeah. There are things that can be written about. I might just do that.

But not right now. Today is our 15th wedding anniversary, and there might be a chance for a meal out or some other adventure! I had best put on some pants and see what the afternoon brings.

Oh, and in case I didn’t say it… it’s good to see you again. You are looking good.

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