Well, That Was Something That Happened

So, some… time… ago, BDH and I got a Costco membership. Against my better judgement, I have to say. Because you know me, and you know I am as cheap as a cheap thing that is cheap, and I hate spending money.

But BDH and I thought maybe it might actually be a way to SAVE money, this whole “buying certain things in bulk” idea, so we decided to give it a go.

And that is when we bought giant bags of apples for the aforementioned Apple Jelly Debacle of ’16. Let us not speak of it again.

But also, we bought huge bags of potatoes and carrots. 

So, huge bags of potatoes are fairly reasonable purchases, because

  1. I love potatoes (well, who doesn’t. Come on.) and

Plus, in case you missed it, this past weekend was Thanksgiving, and so we had a metric crapton of mashed potatoes. As one does.

And we have potato soup in the freezer for future meals, which is always a good thing. And if needs be, mashed potatoes can be readily frozen as well, which we might do if we can get a few appropriate oven-friendly freezer containers.

So we’re working through those in a reasonably efficient manner.

But carrots. What the hell does one do with an ungodly amount of carrots? And if I am honest, this was exactly my thinking when BDH picked up the ginormous bag of carrots in Costco in the first place (surprisingly, he did not require a forklift for such an enormous bag of carrots).

So, I cooked carrots with dinners. I put carrots in the potato soup. We had carrots with Thanksgiving dinner.


And they were starting to get a bit squiffy.

So this morning, I bit the bullet, and started dealing with the carrots. I chucked out the nasty ones (while retching, because CARROTS SHOULD NOT OOZE OUT OF YOUR HAND) and washed, topped, tailed, and peeled the rest.

I spent the morning chopping and blanching carrots, and putting them in family-meal-sized servings in the freezer. When I was not chopping and blanching, I was shredding them for use in spaghetti sauce and chili and carrot cake and muffins.

But do you know what happens when you spend three hours dealing with carrots?


Yes, the colour from the carrots leeches out onto everything it comes in contact with.

My hands are orange. My cutting board is orange. My utensils are orange. My teatowels are orange. My pots and bowls are orange. Even the ice cube trays in the freezer are orange from my handling them during the blanching process.

EVERYTHING IS ORANGE. Well, not completely orange, but definitely has a DISTINCT ORANGE HUE.

(Also, if I am completely honest, there are tiny bits of shredded carrot scattered everywhere from overly vigorous shredding. I am afraid to go down and look at the wall behind the counter, or under the cutting board, or on the floor… I probably have shredded carrot bits in my hair.

:: checks bra for bits of carrot ::

:: nope, all good ::

I’m feeling ever so slightly OVER carrots at present.

Thankfully, my kid LOVES carrots. They are her favourite vegetable. And BDH loves carrot cake. And I love both carrots and carrot cake, so win/win.


Today I am DONE with carrots. I had great plans to make carrot cakes and put them in the freezer, but I am orange and tired so it will have to wait until tomorrow.

But I must admit — YES, LIKE THE APPLE JELLY, SHUT UP — that despite all the orange and the tired, I’d do it again.

So maybe next time we venture to Costco, I’ll have BDH wrangle another massive bag of carrots into the cart.

However, he had best wrangle another freezer into the cart, too, because ours is quickly filling up.



3 thoughts on “Well, That Was Something That Happened

  1. You can put carrots in butternut squash soup (there were very substantial butternuts at our Costco!). And maybe with sweet potato soup too? I am looking for a good recipe for that. 😀

    • Alas, all I have is a recipe for Pepperpot Soup, which is beef and broth and sweet potatoes in chunks. It’s still tasty, but probably not what you’re looking for. Cream soups don’t seem to be our forte here, for some reason (the exception being baked potato soup, obvs). But surely, some onions, carrots, sweet potatoes, broth in the slow cooker, maybe chipotle pepper…


  2. The chef in our work cafeteria sometimes makes Carrot Ginger soup, I believe it’s a puree. That might be a winner?

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