Do All the Things!!

Well, we’re into the second week of September (well, third, actually, if you count those first three days as a week OKAY FINE, TWO AND A HALF WEEKS THEN) and the weather is settling down and our routines are starting to sort themselves and all seems well.

Except now I want to DO ALL THE THINGS!

I think it’s the return of free time after managing That Girl all summer. Suddenly I have my day to myself again. And I just need to fill it.

First, the weather is cooler, and I want to cook. Fall does that to me. I bring stuff in from the garden and I am all about the pesto and the zucchini bread and whatever else the summer yields. (And let me tell you, after this torturous hot summer? NOT TOO FUCKING MUCH. The only thing that did well this year were herbs and cucumber. Everything else DIED.)

So I made my first batch of pesto, made some zucchini bread, and put more shredded zucchini in the freezer for later. I’ve got another batch of pesto to do. But I’m also going to try new stuff, this year with apples. I’ve found the perfect applesauce loaf. I’m going to try to make apple jelly (and put it up for the winter — good luck with that).

And along with that, I’m making spreadsheets for food budgeting, doing a cost analysis of what we by from which stores. I’m sorting through recipes and trying to find the perfect way to store them digitally (since my old recipe software was lost with the demise of my laptop some years ago). And I am thinking about batch cooking and freezing things for lunches and easy suppers.

I like this stuff, so it has been fun.

Another thing that I have been doing is to get homework sorted. Now that That Girl is settled into a grade 3 class, and we can start thinking about what she needs to learn and where her gaps are, I can plan for the extra stuff to assist her. There are lots of gaps, so even if I can plug them a little bit, it’s something.

Like this week, they did a dot-to-dot picture that involved following words in alphabetical order instead of numbers. She had NO CLUE what the fuck was going on. So I grabbed a few simple, card-based exercises on line, showed her how alphabetical order works, and we can work on it. She’s still way behind, but at least now if the teacher says “alphabetical order” she’s not completely in the dark.

With that, I am finding I want to clean off my hard drive. I have folders upon folders of exercises and tools and worksheets that I have downloaded and used over the years, and now it’s time to go through them and delete stuff she has outgrown and no longer uses. Some virtual housecleaning.

I’ve also been thinking about real housecleaning — well, not so much cleaning, as home improvement stuff that needs doing around the house. Now that I can open the windows and not be dying from humidity, I can think about some house projects that require ventilation, like ripping out the carpets and painting, with an eye toward putting down new flooring.

But house stuff is slower, because we are limited by our minuscule budget at present, and also scarier because neither myself or BDH is terribly experienced with home renovation-type projects. So it takes a lot of planning and forethought, just to be sure we know what we’re getting into and how best to proceed.

It has to get done, though. We just have to bite the bullet and start.

Another thing I have been doing — and I know that people are going to punt when they read this — is planning for the holidays. I’m making a costume for That Girl this year, so we’ve been buying stuff on the cheap so she can go out as Rey from Star Wars: The Force Awakens.

And I have been Christmas shopping.

(All together now… *PUNT!!*)

But because I am, as you well know, CHEAPCHEAPCHEAP, I start Christmas shopping in the spring and summer, to buy things on clearance when seasons end so I can get really good deals, and put it away until the end of the year. I try to buy all that I can online, so I like to make sure I get stuff before it is all gone, and I like to get it delivered in plenty of time, while That Girl is in school.

Also, I have some long-awaited Christmas decorating projects that I’ve been putting off for the last few years, so this year I have finally pulled the trigger and started buying all the things I will need to get them done. (Mostly because one of the things I needed was from the garden centre and that’ll be closed soon.)

Yeah. I’m that person.

But (to paraphrase the Spice Girls) can I tell you what I want, what I really really want? I WANT TO MAKE LISTS!! Because, as I think I maybe have mentioned… I LOVE LISTS. I love them like breathing and kittens and pie.

Yeah. I am feeling that very soon, I will need to sit down and MAKE ALL THE LISTS. And that will be a glorious and happy day indeed.