In Answer To Your Question… Not So Much.

Hullo again, good people of Teh Interwebs! It is I, the bringer of peevishness and fail!

When we last saw Our Hero, she was planning on Making A Plan. And given that that was a month ago, you may ask yourself, “Did she? DID she? DID SHE MAKE A PLAN??”

Welllllllllllllllllll… ::insert high-pitched, mostly doubtful, exhaling noise here::

Eh, not so much.

Well, not so much A PLAN in the proper sense of the word. More like organization. Which is kind of like a plan. Except I didn’t really have to do anything.

So… no.

Okay, let me start from the beginning. Of April, when we were still losing our shit a little bit from being OMG TIRED AND RUNNING AROUND A LOT. And a plan was needed.

A PLAN, to break us out of our rut, our inertia, and get us ticking along comfortably and getting things done once again. So do you know what we did?

We went on vacation.

Well, it WAS the beginning of April, and generally speaking, when faced with the prospect of That Girl’s birthday — which is in early April — we try to go home to Nova Scotia to celebrate it with her extended family. She doesn’t get to see them more than twice a year, so if funds permit, we go. (Except last year, when we combined that with a family wedding and her birthday in Cuba.)

We were resigned to spending her birthday here at home, though. Flights within Canada are getting to be prohibitively expensive, even at the best of times. We had very little money and BDH’s work was off the hook at the time. However, hope springs eternal, and so I happened to look at the WestJet website one day — where, as it happens, we got a relatively last-minute deal in a seat sale. So off we went.

SO, that organized our first bit of April.

Once we returned from vacation, That Girl was healthy and back at school and back to a regular schedule of appointments. Which was good, obviously. But then, also around that time, our tax refunds came in, and both BDH and I decided it was time to get OUR shit together, health-wise. And so we became slaves to FitBit watches. And the FitBits have imposed some organization on our lives that we had not been able to do previously.

We are being slapped around by wristwatches.

We are pushed to climb as many stairs as we can in a day. We are pushed to fit exercise in. We are pushed to balance our eating with our calories burned. And we are pushed to beat each other’s daily steps or stairs or whatever. It has been good, having this instantaneous reminder and accountability, always with us. We’ve needed it.

But it does push you to get your shit together, because OMG THIS STUFF TAKES TIME.

You start to plan to walk when you might not. You block time to get on the treadmill. I find reasons to climb the stairs more often in the course of a day. BDH takes the most circuitous route he can find to go to the bathroom while he’s at work. That Girl asks to go for walks so I can get my daily steps to 10,000, which she knows is an important milestone, so we do things like walk between library and dollar store and bulk store on a Saturday morning — I get steps in, and she gets a dollar store toy in the bargain.

And, in having these little goals to hit, it helps to organize your day a bit more for you.

So that was unexpected.

Another thing that has changed how I go about my day and impose organization on my chaos is that with the change of seasons (specifically, April to May), our electricity billing rates change. This means that electricity now becomes more expensive during the middle of the day, between 11 and 5. So from today until October or November, I must plan my day accordingly to use the necessary appliances — doing cooking, baking, dishes, and the like — before 11 and after 5, in order to keep costs down.

Over the winter, this was not an issue, because the midday period was cheaper, so I could kind of be a little more laissez-faire about tasks. But now, I have to fit things in at the start or end of the day, when we’re also getting ready for school or going to appointments or classes or whatever. So forethought is required.

This morning, I put the ingredients for 2 loaves of bread into the bread maker before I headed out to walk Stinkerbelle to school, so the dough could mix while I was gone. When I got back, I put the bread dough into loaf pans to rise for an hour while I mashed potatoes for dinner, and did a load of dishes, and made meatloaf. I baked the bread once it had risen.

I was able to listen to music and audiobooks on the Apple TV while I got all this stuff done, and crammed it all in before 11 am. I will plan to cook dinner after 5, and fill my midday hours with non-electric-powered jobs like ripping up carpets, getting groceries, and cleaning and tidying up.

And that requires some planning. So, yes. In answer to your earlier question, I DID MAKE A PLAN. Or, not really, but I WILL make a plan. Eventually-ish.

Well… Starting today. I HAD A PLAN TODAY. SO THERE.

But I have to say, even though we’ve been muddling through April to May having some order imposed on us, it has been good. I have needed the impetus of planning a vacation and a birthday, dealing with family stuff while away, getting our health/exercise/lifestyle back on track, and having to actually consider when I will do stuff around the house to shake off the daily chaos that was our winter.

Sometimes you need the external push to end the inertia. Sometimes, you need something to get you going so you can keep going under your own steam.

But now we are going. We are moving. And we have plans.

And I like a plan. AS YOU WELL KNOW.

A body in motion tends to stay in motion in a straight line unless acted on by an outside force, or so says the definition of inertia. So here’s hoping there’s no outside force, no wrench in my works, nothing to bung up my plans… for awhile at least.