And The Plan Is… Make A Plan

We’re trying to get back into a routine here, after almost two months of disruption, but it hasn’t been easy. There’s still so much going on.

That Girl was off, on-and-off, since the start of February, as I have mentioned. During that time we had days and weeks off school, sickness, disrupted sleep, doctor trips, cancelled appointments, missed sports classes, PD days, March Break… you name it. But at the start of last week, it looked like we were going to get back on track.

That Girl got up and went to school on Monday morning feeling ready to go. She was healthy and feeling good. She was motivated. Yay! We were back on schedule! We were going to appointments. We were getting back into a routine of therapy homework.


Then, we had an ice storm, then Good Friday, then the Easter weekend, and now, Easter Monday. Five days off. AGAIN.


It is very hard to sustain a routine when you have had three days to do so. It kind of kills your motivation. Three days is more like the exception than the rule.

And then this week, we have four days of school, and then next week three days of school before we are off on a vacation for a week.

We’re struggling. I don’t blame her for wanting to watch TV and play make-believe superheroes when she was sick for so long. Nobody wants to do homework or therapy or whatever when you’ve been sleeping in, watching superhero movies, and playing with toys.

And the fact that our days have been so unstructured of late makes it hard for me to be the bad guy and say, okay, TV off, let’s do homework. Put your toys away, we have X and Y therapy to do. And also…

She wants to be a kid. I get that. But as I have said in the past, many times, for a kid with Stinkerbelle’s issues — and for me too, if I am honest, and BDH too — we need a routine.

And I am just as reluctant as she is, since my routine is off. It’s hard to get back into a regular exercise routine when you have been unable to commit regular time to it for awhile. I am taking an online class and I am getting behind. I have lots of work to do around the house that has been shelved because I am with That Girl all day. I have plans for home improvement projects that are still just ideas because there’s just been wrench after wrench thrown in the works.

And I am not exactly the picture of motivation, either. I am tired and love that we’ve been sleeping in, too. I am happy to stay up late and read and watch TV. I’m not exactly sad to be staying inside and warm in my TARDIS jammies, I have to admit.

But I have to adult now. It’s a bit challenging.

Motivating yourself is one thing, but getting a household back into a routine is another thing entirely.

We’re going to have to find some compromise over the next little while. Learn to adapt and get our schedules back on track incrementally.

It won’t be easy, as overcoming inertia never is, but it has to be done. We are going to have to start doing our therapy exercises every day again, despite holidays and special days and lazy days. We cannot afford to regress, and they are portable and don’t take much time. Hard to do when you are sick, I understand, but she’s not sick anymore.

We’re also going to have to get back into a regular reading routine. Math would be good too. Both of those can be done on computer, so they’re fun and easy and portable. No excuses, other than we’ve gotten lazy and have to stop being lazy.

And I am going to have to start finding time and doing things incrementally around the house until we get back to full strength, time-wise, towards the end of April. Just do things bit by bit. And that will need planning.

It all starts with a plan, really. I need to sit down and make a plan. So even though we are out of our normal routine, we will still have some tasks to be completed. Charts and lists and boxes to fill in, that’s what will do the trick.

Just making a plan requires me to shake the cobwebs out of my brain and get down to business. And in the long run, this will be a fairly fragmented year — because although May and June look fairly straightforward, and structured, and normal, right after that will come summer vacation with scads of unstructured time interspersed with two random weeks of summer day camp and at least two weeks of holidays. And who knows what else?

And September will be a whole new ball game, school-wise, which we know won’t settle into a normal routine for a few weeks. So we might as well get our heads wrapped around a system now. Something that makes us adaptable but still in a routine, if you know what I mean.

Gotta get back on the horse after two months of randomness and organized chaos, and get ourselves back into our version of normal.

I have a plan, and that plan is: Make a plan. I feel better already.