Things That Are Wrong In My World

Things are wrong in my world, people.

Normally, I occasionally do a FAIL Friday post when it is me who is the purveyor of stupid. But today? It is other people and things, and I confess that I am just shaking my head and boggling. It makes me just want to crawl into a blanket fort with snacks and alcohol until the world rights itself again.

But I do not. Instead, I come to tell YOU, my Internets Peeps. For you understand me.

Let’s start with last week. Because I am still doing the stammering and the I CAN’T EVEN over something that happened last week.

Duncan, our Fat Boy Fat cat, had to go to the vet. It was just for a checkup of sorts — he’s been on a medication for arthritis, and so they wanted to do a urine check to make sure it is having no adverse effects. So no big deal, right?

Except Duncan was Not Happy about going to the vet and would not pee. (Or rather, would not make any pee, because they extract it by needle. OW.) Anyway, this meant that Duncan would have to hang out at the vet longer than anticipated. Which was fine, except that it was a busy day for us, and we were a bit pushed for time if he did not get with the Making of the Pee.

But he did, so later in the day, I got the call that all was well and I could come pick him up. So I rushed out the door, and drove downtown to the vet, where if I was quick, I would get back in plenty of time to drop Duncan off and go get That Girl from school.

I loaded Duncan into the car, and pulled out of the parking lot of the vet and came to a stop sign, where I prepared to turn onto a main road toward home. But I had to wait, as there were two people crossing at the corner. One was a young-ish man, probably a university student, and one was a relatively well-dressed middle-aged woman.

The woman had on a nice jacket, nice boots, a fashionable hat, and was carrying a shopping bag which looked like she might have been carrying a poster or bristolboard or something else flat and light. As she crossed in front of me, she sort of waved to me – not a friendly sort of wave, as I did not know her, but a signalling sort of wave, as people will do when they need to get your attention.

I thought for a moment she might need directions, so I rolled down the passenger window slightly. At which point, she said to me,

Hi, I am going this way (ED: pointing up the street), and as you can see I am really loaded down. And my heels hurt and I am tired. So can you drive me?

Now, this was a complete stranger. I am in a relatively large city. It’s not a small town. She was no friend or acquaintance or neighbour. She was not carrying a refrigerator or a sleeping child or a 25-lb bag of potatoes. She had not had her car break down or been in an accident. She was on a major bus route. So what went through my mind was, ARE YOU FUCKING KIDDING ME?

But I am polite, so I did not say this. Instead, I told her firmly that no, I am in a rush and have to go pick up my daughter.

The disgust and surprise on her face was clear, but she said “god bless you” and moved on. And I drove off, shaking my head to get rid of the WTELF JUST HAPPENED, and thinking that someone has issues, and I hope she gets the help she needs, but it sure as hell isn’t going to be from me. Because that’s just not the way normal people interact in a large downtown area, am I right?

So. That happened.

Then the next day, I was driving once again. Same car, but in my neighbourhood. I was going to pick That Girl up from school and take her to her therapy appointment. So as I was driving along, I looked down at the dash and noticed my Check Engine light was on, as was my 4WD (4 wheel drive) light and another light that I can’t even remember just now.

I pulled into the school parking lot, called BDH and told him what’s what, and he figured it would be fine for the errands that we needed to do.

But, as the afternoon went on, the car started acting distinctly NOT GOOD, and I noticed that the Check Engine light was now flashing, which is apparently a signal to the driver that something VERY VERY NOT GOOD is happening. So, when BDH arrived home we agreed we would have to take it in to the Toyota dealership for repairs.

Which we did this morning.

We imagined it would be something like a problem with an air filter-y, valve-y, coil-y sort of thingamajobbie, not knowing anything about cars as we clearly don’t. Also, I had spent a good deal of time on the weekend checking with Mr. Google, Car Mechanic, and also he indicated one of these things might be the culprit. We were prepared for a minor-ish, mildly expensive thing to be wrong.

So when the mechanic called us not even an hour and a half after we dropped the car off, we got yet another dose of WHAT IS THIS I DON’T EVEN.

Apparently, rodents had been chewing through the wiring of the engine.


It seems that in recent years Toyota has been using some soy-based products in their engines, and apparently but I have to say NOT AT ALL SURPRISINGLY, rodents like to eat said soy-based products. At which point I feel obliged to stop and say,

Dear Toyota,

Do you not SEE how this could possibly be a PROBLEM? Especially here, a country where we have a) lots of wildlife, and 2) cold winters in which lots of wildlife quite rightly try to find themselves food and shelter? DOES NOBODY SEE HOW THIS COULD GO BADLY?

But I did not. Well, except in my Rav group. Because nobody cares otherwise. And besides, saving consumer money is clearly not in Toyota’s mandate. Otherwise they’d be continually apologizing and offering free stuff to fix this Mobile Money Pit they call a 2007 RAV4.

RODENTS. EATING OUR CAR. I just cannot even with this stuff.

Between the rodents and the crazy people wanting to carpool, there’s not enough coffee IN THE WORLD for me to cope today. If anyone needs me, I’ll be wrapped in blankets, drinking excessively and hugging my Pride and Prejudice DVDs.