The Sprint for the Finish Line


We’re tired. We’re ALL tired. I’m caught in a SAD sneaky hate spiral as the region has been overcast and foggy for nigh on two weeks. Ish. BDH is working as hard as ever.

And That Girl? Well, she’s got the ends of all her various activities, plus continuing therapy, plus the chaos and excitement of school and field trips and projects and creeping Xmas hysteria.

She’s exhausted.

She’s having meltdowns at the end of the day, she’s so tired. And, in chatting with teachers and other parents in the schoolyard, she’s not the only one.

I saw the mom of one of That Girl’s friends in the grocery store, and she was telling me that her daughter, who loves school almost as much as That Girl does, was asking if school was done tomorrow, because she’s too tired to go anymore. I watched the Kindergarten Parade come out, as they do everyday, when their teachers walk them to the school gate to be picked up by mom or dad, and every little one was yawning and dragging their feet. I watched one of Stinkerbelle’s friends, Megan, come out tonight with a huge frowny face and collapse into her mom’s waiting arms. I see one of the dads carrying his kindergarten girl home from school the last few nights.

It’s that time of year.

We are, thankfully, mostly done our Christmas shopping. I’m in the thick of our annual baking frenzy, at about 30 dozen cookies and counting. Our decorating is… kinda sorta mostly done. Well, half done. We have yet to do our Christmas cards but that’s always a hit-and-miss prospect. So we’re getting stuff accomplished.

But it’s no mean feat, I can tell you.

But, come next Friday, That Girl has her belt test for Karate, and BDH has a soccer game, and then we are on vacation. (Well, one short therapy appointment is in there, but that’s easy peasy.) We are off for TWO WEEKS. Two weeks of — if I get my way — DOING AS LITTLE AS POSSIBLE.

We’ll have blanket fort days of watching movies and TV and playing console games. I’ll read some books and listen to some audio dramas and knit and crochet. That Girl will play with toys and Lego. BDH will play games. And… we’ll sleep. A LOT.

Of course, we’ll celebrate Christmas in there somewhere, and all that this will involve. We will eat a turkey dinner sometime in that period, not necessarily on Xmas Day, but rather when the spirit, and the hunger, moves us. But mostly, I think, we will try to get some rest.

But that is still a week and a bit away. We still have a week of school and work and therapy appointments to power through. It’s going to be hard going, but there should be just enough exciting assemblies and field trips and the like at school to keep That Girl going. I feel BDH and I will be living from evening to evening, and the glass of Baileys waiting therein.

Hopefully, although we will not get snow this Christmas, we will at least get some sunshine, to brighten all our spirits and banish the tiredness from our bones. I’m dreaming of a white Christmas, but I’ll settle for a BRIGHT one.

But that’s still to come. In the short term, we’re just going to try to get through the next 8 or so days with smiles plastered to our faces and as few meltdowns as possible.