Dear Universe

Dear Universe,

Today I was not at my best. You sent me a parenting challenge that I have to admit I handled in fairly sucktacular fashion. I yelled at my kid. I know all parents do it, but that doesn’t make me feel any better about it.

I’ve been feeling a bit challenged with coping lately on the parenting-a-kid-with-special-needs front. I’ve been sick, to be fair. But I have had a couple of challenges in the past week or two, dealing with people and decisions and plans and general Mom stuff, and I just feel like I have been letting everyone down. All over the place.

And then today. MOM FAIL.

So, Universe, knock it the fuck off. I mean it, Universe. I am giving you huge side eye right now. I AM UNIMPRESSED.

I MEAN… please Universe, if you could just cut me and mine a little slack for a little while, I’d appreciate it. And in return, I promise not to eat the rest of the Halloween candy.

Well, maybe just the Hershey bars. But I’ll leave the rest. Or at least I will try.

A Dissatisfied Customer.

P.S. I thought of just sending in an anonymous “WHO’S RESPONSIBLE?” a la Hawkeye Pierce. But I honestly don’t have the panache or the red bathrobe to pull it off.