Can’t Word

Ugh. I can’t word today.

I have another cold. This is probably the fourth cold I have had since the start of September, and frankly, I’m getting a little peevish about the whole thing. I mean, it’s just a cold, no big deal, but STILL.

Four colds since school started. Four!! I AM BEGINNING TO TAKE THIS PERSONALLY.

My eyes are running and appear to be on a strike action similar to the teachers here — doing only what is absolutely necessary. My sinuses, on the other hand, are working full out, draining ick down the back of my throat for the most part. Although today, for a change of pace, I am blowing my nose a lot as well. FUN!

My throat hurts. My head is mostly full of cotton wool and therefore coherent thoughts are few and far between. Thinking is fuzzy and mostly overrated. And don’t ask me to string words together in a decent sentence very often, because apparently I can’t word today, either.

And I am le tired.

Still, it could be worse. So far the sneezing is minimal, and coughing — as an asthmatic, my worst enemy — is mostly a non-event. And most importantly, so far neither That Girl nor BDH are showing any signs of this particular cold. We’ve shared a cold or two since school began, but this one appears to be all me.

This is good because BDH has to work. And That Girl has school and therapy and swimming and karate. AND OH YEAH HALLOWEEN TOO.

Like we can forget that. She was up at some ungodly hour this morning because of the excitement of being able to wear a Halloween costume to school today. She went to school dressed as Mavis Dracula fromĀ Hotel Transylvania, but because of the extreme wind today and chance of rain, she wore the dress and tights under her coat and splash pants while I carried half the costume in a bag and then when the bell rang, went in with her and helped her get into her shoes and wig.

Which, it has to be said, requires a surprising amount of effort when you are sick. And is kind of annoyingly wasted because they’ll have to change out of their costumes and back into regular clothes by recess at 10:30 or so anyway. (Don’t get me started on the whole not-being-able-to-wear-costumes-all-day thing.)

Tomorrow will be a PD day so Stinkerbelle will be home with me. Alas, resting will not be on my agenda, as I have to hem up her princess Anna costume that she will be wearing for Halloween proper, as well as going out to buy a birthday present for a neighbour who is having a birthday party on Halloween afternoon. And then there’s the therapy appointment in the afternoon and karate class in the evening. So.

Saturday? Is Halloween, of course, plus the neighbour boy’s birthday party. And Sunday is bath and hair day, plus laundry. And we really should get up a ladder and fix the piece of siding that a neighbour just rang the doorbell to let us know is (once again, since we “fixed” it last year) flapping quite a bit in the wind, before it comes down entirely.

Busy, busy, busy. No rest for the wicked, as they say.

I’m beginning to see why I am maybe getting a few more colds than normal these days.