Extended Summer Hours In Effect

It has been a glorious September, weather-wise, for the most part. One of the nicest Septembers that I can remember in a long time.

So I was not here at the computer last week.

I went outside, when possible. Walking, sitting out on the patio, taking pictures of That Girl and the local wildlife… it was all about being outside. We enjoyed what we could while we could, with 22 degree sunny days being the norm. 

We went to the park A LOT after school. We took the opportunity to play in the schoolyard. We went out and sat on the porch. It was lovely.

That Girl made a small, sad little pile of fallen leaves in the front yard, and rolled and jumped and played in them. The light was beautiful, and it was warm and the leaves were beautiful, as was That Girl, so I got out the camera and took a bunch of pictures.

We took the chance to go over to the schoolyard and try (unsuccessfully) to teach That Girl to ride a two-wheeler without training wheels. The sun was warm, the wind was at her back, and Stinkerbelle pedalled once or twice before falling over like a sack of wet cement. Repeatedly. But she had fun, and it was a good first try.

And we finally managed to clean, dry, and pack up our swimming pool for the winter. We would have done so earlier, but it took something like two days to drain the damn thing. Who knew?

And around the house, it was a joy to throw open the windows and let the fresh air in while I cooked and baked and cleaned. I made bread and baked cookies and, since the leaves are turning and the evenings are cool, started cooking some of the comfort food we enjoy in the fall. Soups, casseroles, pasta… it’s that time again and we remembered how much we love fall cooking.

It’s been a wonderful September. But, starting yesterday, the fall rains have come and the temperature has dropped by about 10 degrees. Our extended summer seems to be over for another year. It’s fine, because we love autumn so much. But if summer could be more like our September weather was, it would definitely be our favourite season.

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  1. It has been the same September here in N.S. The last few days have been darn right cold which stopped our porch sitting with our glass of wine. Tried it today but it was just too cold. I hate to say goodbye to summer and settle in to fall and then winter. Hopefully it will not be as bad as last year.Like you folks we had a wonderful September we sat on the front porch every evening until dark.We still have fall cleaning to do such as trimming our bushes but the pool is put away.

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