FAIL Friday: Not All Me! Edition

Ah yes. The weekly gallery of FAIL. At least this week, it’s not all my fault!

  • Parcel Delivery FAIL, Part the First: So, I do a lot of online shopping. This is for two reasons. First, I am not a fan of the people. Online shopping means I do not have to go out into the world and be amongst the people, which suits me. I can take my time and shop in the comfort of my own desk. I like that. And second, and most importantly, I am CHEAP. Cheap like a cheap thing that is cheap. So if there’s a discount or a clearance section or a free delivery option, I am all over it like a duck on a junebug. And online shopping sites, they are sometimes bargain basement heaven. So last week- ish, I had to buy some stuff for That Girl. One of those things was winter boots. Sears is where I usually buy them, because they are often cheap, but I know the brand and type I want. So I ordered them for delivery. They usually come by courier, as opposed to other places that just go regular mail. Either way is good. But I had forgotten that the quality of courier that Sears uses is less… PROFESSIONAL, maybe… than others. But I did remember when, this week, there was ungodly thumping and thudding out on my porch. I looked out the window to see one of our rocking chairs rocking back and forth, back and forth, like there had been someone rocking. But there was not; there was a parcel on the chair. And there was a courier truck, pulling away down the street. Now, I was quick to the window when I heard all the noise, so this guy must have taken a big-work-booted step onto the porch, flung the package into the chair (hence the rocking back and forth), and then took off again to get in his truck and peel out and off to his next delivery. I mean, it was only a shoebox and some winter boots, but still. So happy to know they take such care with their packages. In future, I shall remember not to order glassware or electronics.
  • Parcel Delivery FAIL, Part Deux: So, yes. Online shopping. I did some. And another of my purchases was from Old Navy. I bought a snowsuit for Stinkerbelle, as well as some t-shirts for me for winter, and some pants for Stinkerbelle for Xmas presents. (Also on discount, because OH YEAH CHEAP.) Old Navy is one of the online retailers I like because their delivery is quick, and you get email confirmation and tracking. And the day before yesterday, I got an email notifying me of my package going out for delivery, which arrived by mail yesterday. YAY! After That Girl went to bed, I walked up to the mailbox and retrieved the package, and came home. I stood at the kitchen table and started to open it. I pulled out a denim dress. A sweater. Another sweater. THIS WAS WRONG. So I checked the packing slip, and realized this package was supposed to go to a woman named Elaine out in Mitchell, MB. Now, I am not now, nor have I ever been, Elaine. Also, for the record, I do not live in Mitchell, Manitoba (although I am sure it is a lovely place. I do love me some Manitoba). So, I was all WTF? And so I printed off my email containing my order, and this morning set out to the local Old Navy store. WHERE THE PEOPLE ARE. To get this sorted. And the ladies working there were lovely and kind and had absolutely no idea how to deal with this sort of return, which is understandable. They can’t do a proper return on it, because the charge would refund back on the credit card account of Elaine out in Mitchell, MB. They can’t reorder my package because then the charge would go once again on my account. So they called Old Navy shipping themselves. And they got things MOSTLY sorted. One of my items is out of stock, so they will refund me for that. They resent the order I made without charge to me. All was well. And then, they ASKED ME TO PACKAGE UP AND SEND BACK THE STUFF I GOT. Now, I was standing here, IN AN OLD NAVY STORE, mind you, and they were telling me they had no facility to ship the damn thing back themselves?? I side eyed really hard at that one. So finally, the woman behind the counter went and found some packing tape, helped me re-bag the original shipment, and I relabeled it and stuck a postage paid return label on it. But then I HAD TO TAKE IT MYSELF TO A POSTAL OUTLET. And all the while I’m boggling that there is no way for the store to just ship it themselves.
  • Parcel Delivery Fail, III: I also ordered a package of Xmas items for That Girl from Joe Fresh. Which, you will be shocked to learn, arrived neatly and on time in my mailbox with all the items I had asked for present and correct. WTF WHAT IS UP JOE FRESH YOU AND YOUR PROFESSIONALISM AND EFFICIENCY YOU’RE SETTING A BAD EXAMPLE FOR THE OTHERS.
  • These Are Not The Cookies You’re Looking For: So, now that I am a stay-at-home mom full time, I have been trying to get back into a routine of doing house stuff. Right now that’s centred around meal planning, cooking/baking and cleaning, but eventually once that becomes straightforward and routine, we’ll also get some home improvement stuff going. So this week, I started weekly baking. I want to try to have lots of muffins and cookies and such in the freezer, to make the task of packing lunches more of a grab-and-go affair. Also, I am baking bread, which is cheaper and potentially healthier than buying it, and we’ll see what else we need as time goes along. The other things I am doing in tandem is trying to buy more of my regular groceries at the bulk store where feasible, so things like baking supplies, some snacks, cookies, teas… that kind of thing. And there are these cookies we buy for That Girl that we all really like — they’re these mini chocolate chip cookies that are cheap but have this bit of a crunch to them… I kind of got a little obsessed with them in recent weeks. What is that crunch? Is it a little oatmeal? Is it graham flour? WHAT IS IT I NEED TO KNOW. My guess, based on similar wee kids’ cookies, was probably graham. So I thought I’d maybe try a graham-based chocolate chip cookie. I went to Teh Interwebs and found several recipes, narrowed it down to one or two, and then bought ingredients. I made the cookies, and, although tasty enough, were not at all what I was looking for. And I learned several important lessons, the first of which is that graham flour and graham cracker crumbs are ENTIRELY DIFFERENT THINGS. Secondly, look for recipes for the former, as opposed to the latter. And thirdly, and most importantly: it’s going to be WAAAAAYYYY cheaper and easier to just go ahead and buy the damn cookies you know you like already.