Time to Breathe

Can you believe it… the school year is done in 4 days. I know I am not the one in school, but oh my dog, I am so ready for school to be out. And, as far as I can tell from other parents, I am not the only one.

I am looking forward to a break. I will still have things to do this summer, but I’m pretty much up to here with the homework and the discussions and the checking in and and the sending in money for everything. I’m ready for, you know, NOT doing those things for a little while.

It’s not that That Girl’s school and teacher are not lovely, because they are awesome. And it’s not that I don’t mind the six hours a day when she’s there and having fun and learning and growing, because OMG MY OWN TIME I LOVE IT. It’s just that sometimes, a break is welcome.

That Girl is done her swimming and karate for the summer. She’s taking a break from some of her therapies, so that’s let up a bit. So we’ll have some time to just be for awhile. Which is nice.

We will still have to go once a week to her visual processing therapy, which we have just started and is pretty intensive. And once every two weeks to speech therapy because honestly, I don’t want to lose our spot with this therapist because she’s excellent and very, very busy. And, Stinkerbelle’s teacher sent me home with a 3-inch binder FULL of homework for her to do over the summer, which she would have been doing in class during the year were she not on an IEP.

So we still have lots to do.

Plus, I have to get a bunch of supplementary exercises prepared for her for the summer. Reading. Dolch words and spelling. MATH — lots and lots of math and counting. Telling time. Tying shoes. Structures and schedules of things, like days of the week and what’s on for the week and making sense of abstract timey wimey stuff.

We will be busy.

But we will also have fun. No more waking up and making lunch! No more time constraints in the morning! We will swim at every opportunity. We will go to the park and the library and the schoolyard for bike riding. We will play Jenga and Go Fish and Operation. We will take time to laugh.

And we will try to have some playtime with her neighbour friends, as schedules allow. She will have down time, which she has been sorely lacking for most of the year, to just be a kid.

Of course, we will have vacation time to visit family, which we look forward to every year. Hopefully we can make a day trip or two again while we are there, for a little adventure. And, as dog is my witness, I will get her to Lake Huron to splash at the beach this summer, I swear it.

She will miss her friends and her schedule and her usual playtime over the summer, there’s no doubt. And I will miss my time for work and quiet and exercise. But even still, I am looking forward to summer. And I think That Girl is, too.