The One Where I Like Stuff

Well, May is done. It was an extraordinarily long month. Lots of work for BDH, lots of appointments for That Girl, lots of doctor and physio appointments for me… And we got FURNITURE. Grown up, actual, real, FURNITURE.

A sofa. And a chair. Not from Ikea. Just let that sink in for a couple of minutes.


So it was a busy month, but there were many good things too. My shoulder is healed via physio and exercises to the point where today will be my last physio appointment for the indefinite future. And I can exercise again. So, YAY!

But because it was busy, we did a bit of blanket fort-ing on the weekends, or whenever we needed to just rest. Movies and TV and knitting and games. Nice.

I have binge watched a few things. A number of times. (Not just in May, mind. But also in May, if you know what I mean.) Things like…

MISS FISHER MURDER MYSTERIES! Oh, how I love Miss Fisher and her little family of mystery-solving companions. There’s not one of the ensemble of characters that we don’t absolutely love. And it’s fun, and funny, and while the mysteries are sometimes… relatively simple, it’s great television to just sit and unwind and be entertained by. Plus, it’s set in the 1920s, one of my favourite eras, and so its full of fashion and ambience and jazz… What’s not to love?


And there’s Jack. Detective Inspector Jack Robinson, smart and charming and the perfect foil to the delightfully saucy Miss Fisher. The “will they/won’t they” tension is fantastic. I adore Jack.


So, we’ve watched this SEVERAL times through. Even That Girl loves it. (Bonus: It’s now on Netflix! HUZZAH!) And we’re waiting impatiently for Season 3 to start — it started in May in Australia, so we’re just waiting for it to be released to the rest of the world. OH THE AGONY.

Also, we’ve been binge watching Miranda. Miranda is NOT on Netflix, not yet; however, if you search hard enough (*ahem* DAILYMOTION *ahem*) you can find all the episodes, even the series finale.

So we did.

It’s got much the same appeal as Miss Fisher — an engaging lead, a group of wonderful friends, and an absolutely adorable love interest in Gary. It’s a sweet, gentle, hilarious comedy series with the perfect ending. I mean perfect. I cried.

Plus, I love Miranda herself. The character is so much like me — big, clumsy, socially awkward, wounded — and we share so many quirks and behaviours that I cannot help but love her. I love seeing someone like me the centre of a TV show that is positive, and that allows her to succeed and not just be the foil or the friend to some beautiful, skinny, perfect creature and her beautiful skinny perfect successful life.

And then, speaking of beautiful skinny perfect creatures, there’s Friends. (From which, for the observant among you, the title of this post is derived.)

Like the rest of the world, when Friends showed up on Netflix, I revisited the past. I began watching it while I am on the treadmill. I liked it when it was on originally, but never watched the whole thing. I think I appreciate it more now. Yeah, it’s contrived and implausible a lot of the time, and some of the characters (well, Rachel) are really unlikeable. But it can be really funny. And Stinkerbelle loves to watch it too.

An added bonus is that it’s TEN SEASONS LONG. So I have lots of treadmill watching time in my future.

We’ve also been listening to lots of music. We have morning dance parties. In our playlist currently is the weird and the wonderful.

There’s 80s-inspired pop-ish goodness:

And strange and wonderful Icelandic alternative stuff:

And, of course, local boys to provide our CanCon:

It’s been a long May, AND HUMID OMG, but we’ve been entertained. June looks like it will be less busy. I’m currently combing Netflix and the interwebs for more gems, though, just in case. Which I will enjoy from the comfort of our NEW FURNITURE.