Saturday Smile: Neutral Corners

Hullo again!

It’s been, once again, busy times here at the House of Peevish. After appointments and work stress and colds and aches-and-pains and all the rest, we are tired. Even Stinkerbelle has been feeling just Up. To. Here. and tired.

So, since the weather calls for “a mixed bag of snow, ice pellets, and freezing drizzle for Southern Ontario this weekend”, we have decided it is a good weekend to stay home, stay in, stay comfy, and relax. And that means, we will all go to our neutral corners and do our own things.

BDH is playing shoot-’em-up games on his computer. I am sitting in front of the faux fire listening to podcasts/watching costume dramas and knitting. And That Girl is having a jammie day and lounging around watching cartoons.



(Note that she could watch TV and sit on the sofa if she wanted to. But her bed is comfy and has the added bonus of blankets and stuffed-animal friends and nap-ability. So that is her neutral corner. I can’t knit while lying down, or I would totally opt for that, too.)

Tomorrow, maybe we’ll be more inspired. But today, we relax.


One thought on “Saturday Smile: Neutral Corners

  1. That sounds like a wonderful way to spend the weekend. We are pretty well snowed in here in Nova Scotia. Dad has been out today trying to clean the snow off of the decks. It is about a 3 feet high at this point. He has been cleaning out the snow around the heat pumps for about a week and put the snow blower on the deck and is trying to make some headway. Very slow going as the snow is really packed down.
    More snow coming on Monday. YEAH!!!

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