Trudging Along

The days are trudging along. Literally.

It’s been So. Frigging. Cold. here recently, it’s all we can do to get ourselves bundled up against the -30 degree wind chill and make the walk to school. And getting bundled up again to go pick That Girl up and bring her home takes a real exercise in intestinal fortitude just to get myself out the door.

But that’s okay, because the last two days have been positively BALMY. It’s been almost at ZERO. Ish. And by “zero” I mean “somewhere around -8”. But WHATEVS.

And it snowed.

It snowed for the first time, really. Well, it snowed in November, didn’t it? And then disappeared for a month and a half? Or maybe I just imagined it.

Anyway, it snowed. Enough that we actually had to shovel. And by “we” I mean “BDH”, in the freezing cold of Saturday morning. He took Stinkerbelle out in the yard, and he shovelled us out while That Girl played and got rosy-cheeked and had one of those playtimes where you wonder how they don’t freeze to death while they remain absolutely oblivious to the cold.

And it snowed overnight as well, enough that The Ever Elusive Snowplow of Song and Legend actually came today and made FOUR passes on our street. Before we had to call the city and complain, even.

So all BDH’s shovelling was covered in a fresh, damp layer of snow.

And we trudged through that, too. Through the mostly unshovelled accumulation on sidewalks on the way to school this morning, That Girl pitching and yawing to and fro like a tiny boat on high seas every time she encountered soft, deep, slightly slushy and slippery patches. And me holding her hand, trying to keep her upright, so as to keep snow from falling into her boots (never put on correctly; she IS six, after all) and making her socks wet.

I was trudging too. Reminding myself with each step that at least it was not so cold today, and at least walking through the snow like this was great exercise. Good cardio.

Ah, but never fear. After two days of balmy springlike weather approaching -5, we are now under an extreme cold warning once again. So anything not plowed will freeze into blocks of solid ice. Including the footprint-filled sidewalks, rendering tomorrow’s walk an exercise in ankle sprains and back injuries.

I have to go clear off my car, because all the snow that remains on it is in danger of freezing, which will make my car somewhat resemble a frozen brick come morning, when I have groceries and cat food to buy.

Before that, though, we will bundle up in many layers of knitwear and snow gear, and trudge once again to school. Where I will curse the cold and imagine myself slowly developing calf muscles that will be the envy of all when shorts season rolls around.