And Here We Go Again

Vacation is done, and a new year is started. And here we are, back on the crazy train.

Just like so many other families, no doubt.

It was good to have the rest, I must admit. We were tired, and down time was definitely needed. Even That Girl didn’t complain and whine about when she was able to go back to school. We all needed the time off.

And, as we always find when we go full tilt boogie until vacation starts, the minute we start to gear down and relax, we get sick. Every December is the same. Both Stinkerbelle and I had colds. We both found ourselves with stomach bugs, and a dodgy stomach for the holidays is definitely a drag. Only BDH managed to avoid getting sick, for the first time in recorded history.

And now, we’re back to school and work and the whirlwind of appointments and activities. But the down time has made a difference. I’m finding that, for myself anyway, today was a welcome return to our familiar schedule.

It was nice to get That Girl back to school today, to get work and exercise done, and to stick to a bit of a schedule. I felt productive. I got a fair bit done.

Maybe it is just the optimism of a new year. But there’s nothing wrong with optimism. Better than starting the new year with dread!

Which, if I am honest, was my view of the new year from about December 15th or so. I was all OH EM GEE ANOTHER YEAR OF THIS WHAT IS THIS I CAN’T EVEN. It was wearing on me, and I was feeling burned out, and could not really brain just more of the same endless rushing and running and spending and doing the work.

But now, with the benefit of two weeks’ break from the routine, it does not seem so bad. We were happy to walk back to school, despite the ridiculous freezing cold. I got a bunch of work done today. I worked out. I did some planning and scheduling. And tonight, BDH and I might do some planning and budgeting and the like.

Or maybe we’ll watch a movie. Let’s be honest. It was a productive day but LETS NOT GET CRAZY.

I do like the feeling of renewal. Whether that’s the new year or just feeling rested, I don’t care either way. I am hoping it lasts. I think the trick is going to be in not programming the hell out of our days, at least for the winter months.

And maybe that’s part of the trick. Since winter suddenly blew in this past weekend, it’s forced me to consider that I CAN’T rush around anymore. I MUST take it slower, plan more time between tasks, and just plan to do less. It’s okay to just stay inside and stay close to home and schedule accordingly. Because honestly? If I don’t, the icy streets and wind chill are going to do it for me.

Winter is giving me an excuse to gear down ever so slightly.

We’ll see, in a week or two, how things are working out. Maybe I’ll be ramped back up and rushing around, riding the crazy train as usual. But I hope not. I’m feeling optimistic.

One thought on “And Here We Go Again

  1. we all need down time and in my world when it is cold I like to stay inside and just chill out. Speaking of chill it is darn right frigid in N.S. We had a little bit of warmth yesterday and it only seemed to be that much colder today.
    Many trips are now planned for doctor’s appointments and follow up appointments for Dad and myself. Why do these always take place in the coldest months of the year?
    Glad you got some rest

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