Two Weeks

Yeah, I know. I’ve not been around. Because SO. BUSY.

Not a good excuse, I know. But you know what? I am sure you understand. We’re busy people, all of us.

But this week, I am actually beginning to feel a bit of that busy-ness easing up a little bit. Some of Stinkerbelle’s classes have ended for this semester — for the first week I am not sherpa-ing her and her gear to the pool or the dojo. My badminton night is over for this term. That Girl’s therapy sessions are finishing for the Xmas break.

And I actually said to BDH this week, “I know that I’m not actually ON Xmas break yet, but as far as my brain is concerned… yeah, I AM.”

I’m forgetting things. I’m losing things. My brain has left the building.

But it’s okay. It’s nice.

Yesterday, the school called me to say that Stinkerbelle was complaining that her mouth hurt and that it hurt to swallow. So I picked her up and brought her home, and settled in for what I suspected would be the onset of a cold. And today, she spent the day resting and watching movies, in the hope that she will feel well enough to convince me that she is well enough to go to a Christmas party tomorrow and see Santa.

Meanwhile, I spent some time in a quiet house, puttering around and doing… things. I did a couple of hours of work; I checked up on Herself from time to time. But mostly, I’ve been doing stuff.

I did dishes and did some cooking. I made Xmas cookie dough for the many, many dozens of cookies we gift every year. I did some research to help BDH to complete some of his annual last minute Christmas shopping scramble.

And I felt time pass, slowly.

My afternoon ticked by at a leisurely pace, and I realized how long it has been since I had felt that. Usually I am running and stressing and planning and whatever in several directions at once. Today, I could think. I could breathe.

Next week, there will be some more busy days, as I get cards and cookies and teacher gifts and whatever else ready ahead of the holiday break. But it will be fine. I will put on Xmas music and package and wrap and write.

I won’t have to rush anywhere — well, maybe work one day, but that’s fine — so I can take the days in stride and not have a time deadline looming to get in the car or get to a certain place or have a bag prepared for something.

I am looking forward to a break, I cannot lie. Two weeks without homework, without therapy exercises to do, without places to go or people to smile at because that’s what Moms do. Two weeks (at least!) to stay home and futz about cooking and eating and hanging with my family and binge-watching TV and movies and knitting.

Two weeks of down time. I know there’s Christmas and stuff in there, but we’re alone this year with nowhere to go and nothing to do. It’s quiet. It’s nice.

Just have to get through the next week or so until then. And really, I’m sleepwalking. My brain has already left the building.