Winter, Dammit.

Winter is here. Dammit.

Well, temporarily anyway. We’ve got blowing and drifting snow, we’ve got wind chills in the minus teens, and slippy, slushy roads. Mind you, it’s nothing like the 5 feet of snow dumped on Buffalo, so I can’t complain too much.

But I am complaining a little, because a) I hate winter, and 2) I hate driving in winter. These things are exacerbated by the fact that I haven’t got snow tires on my car yet. Because the dealership where I get my car serviced is likely being BOMBARDED by requests for appointments from dopes like me who left getting their snow tires on until much too late, and thus they are booking appointments WELL INTO DECEMBER.

But this is not entirely my fault, nor the other dopes without snowtires’s fault, nor the car dealership’s fault. Because SO MUCH SNOW WAY TOO SOON. It is NOVEMBER for the love of expletives.

The night before last, or maybe it was Monday night, the roads turned to a sheet of ice by the first -24 degree wind chill blast of winter. Then, there was snow falling on top of that. Then, yesterday, more snow. For the last two nights, the local police twitter feed has been advising caution, slowing down, or staying off the road unless necessary.

Hey, man, you don’t need to tell ME twice. I bailed on Stinkerbelle’s swimming class AND my badminton night. I don’t like to be out in winter at the best of times.

So what did we do instead? Family movie night! With GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY!

INORITE??!! Beats the hell out of being out on the roads with all the crazy people trying to get someplace you’d just as soon not be.

But today, we had places to be, and tomorrow we will, too. So I spent the morning inching along the roads in my neighbourhood with the car heater on full blast and cursing the continuing snow.


The sun is out, and despite more blowing and a bit of snow this afternoon and evening, by the weekend they’re forecasting rain and 7 degree temperatures. So the snow will turn into a sloppy mess. Which is more what we expect in November, to be honest. Cold, wet, sloppy days.

I don’t know what I prefer, if I am honest.

Well, I do. I prefer to just hibernate until March. Either that, or relocating to a lovely tropical clime with the small fortune that we don’t have.

That Girl, on the other hand, is GLORIOUSLY HAPPY with the snow, the small insane person. I do not recall EVER liking the snow. I remember that, as a small child, I would go hide in a corner with some books and a blanket rather than go outside. And then, when I was older, I got involved in certain sports because they would be played indoors during winter, so I could AVOID going outside.

But no, my small African-born child loves the cold, whereas I, the native Canadian northern-born person, hates it. It’s like in a past lives, our locations were completely switched.

Normally, I’d say that there’s only one thing for the winters of my discontent, and that is: COOKING AND BAKING. Except nowadays, our schedules are so full of therapy and school and activities and assorted whatnot that I cannot really devote the time to doing a ton of baking or cooking. Or the money, to be honest.

But, the holiday season will soon be upon us, and then it will be all SCREW ALL THAT! BAKE ALL THE COOKIES!!!11!!1! Because that is what I do, and that is what I enjoy. And also, that is what we give to friends for the holidays.

So it will be warm and cozy and I will have excuses to stay indoors while the weather outside is frightful. Or, at least, I hope so. The way things are going, it will probably be rainy and warm for the run up to Xmas.

Just to spite me.