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I’m having a bit of a crisis, here. You know the one. It’s the old OMG SCHOOL STARTS NEXT WEEK AND WE ARE SO UNPREPARED crisis.

Many parents go through it. It’s that last minute freak-out when you realize that your kid or kids are off to school and you might not have everything.

Now, in our case, we’re fine. No, really — if we had to send Stinkerbelle to school she would be clean and wearing nice clothes and have lunch and a backpack and it would all be okay. I’ve bought her new pants and shirts and underwear and socks. She has running shoes and a fall jacket. She’s fine.

And yet? Here am I, combing online shopping websites for EVERYTHING WE MIGHT NEED IN THE NEXT 3 MONTHS.

Because, like many parents, there comes a point when you realize your kid JUST NEVER STOPS GROWING. So you immediately start freaking out about “What if she grows between now and Xmas?”

Which is kind of silly. But in the mind of a planner, such as myself, this is what happens.

Today’s freak out is about shoes. It started with the thought “What shoes will That Girl wear on her first day of school?” Now, I’m a mom who believes in having a Special Outfit to wear, something shiny new: First Day Of School Clothes. I had a new outfit on the first day of school every year, and I went to school all shiny and new and optimistic. And now I do that for my kid.

So I have picked out a shirt and sweater and skirt for her to wear. And I thought, that will look GREAT with her faux Doc Martens, which are size 10. Her feet are still size 10, so there’s no wiggle room, but hey — it’s one day, right?

Except I forgot some key things:

  1. At That Girl’s school, outdoor shoes get changed when they go inside from the playground, so she’d have to change into her school shoes for in-school time, and back to her Docs for playtime.
  2. Her Docs have laces, and SHE CAN’T TIE HER OWN SHOES YET.


So then I think, surely some of her dress shoes in her hand-me-downs will work, yes? So I go upstairs and grab the Mary Janes I remembered on her shelf, and check the size.


I put them on anyway. She was all OOOOH because NEW SHOES, but they were cramping her toes like mad.

I went to the bag of hand-me-downs. Another pair of Mary Janes! Which I tried on Herself and OH HOLY HELL SO VERY TOO BIG.

She has no dress shoes to wear on her first day of school. Okay, I think, no problem. She’ll have to wear her runners. IT’S FINE.

But that doesn’t stop me from checking for shoes online anyway.

So, once I have resigned myself to thinking she can make do with her runners, I am fine. Until I think WHAT IF IT RAINS OH MY DOG. And I am off to check rain boots.

Size 10. They’ll do for the short term. And then I think about snow boots. OH CRAP. They’re size 10 also.


I am freaking out ever so slightly. Not as well prepared and I might think.

So now, my browser has three or four tabs open with different online retailers and each of those has a cart full of shoes and boots and swimsuits and who knows what else. I even have Christmas presents in some of them to help justify this last minute shopping freak out.

I have not yet pushed the “Check out” button, however.

I’ll give myself a few hours to calm the hell down, and realize that she’s not going to grow a inch or two before next week, and therefore even if we have sunshine and then hurricane-force rainfall followed by a blizzard, That Girl will still be neat and clean and dressed just fine and comfortably for school. For the first week or two, even.

And she’s downstairs watching Fetch! With Ruff Ruffman. She doesn’t even know about time and calendars and clocks well enough to even UNDERSTAND that school starts next week. She would go to school in playclothes and be perfectly happy.

And I guess that’s the most important thing, honestly.

Which I will be sure to bear in mind. As soon as I stop freaking out.

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  1. dude! thrift. store. Or at least, consignment store. Value Village here is an absolute treasure trove of barely worn name brand clothes & shoes, especially at that age. Not so much for my kid now wearing men’s size 9 shoes… sigh.

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