Saturday Smile: Chores, And How Not To Do Them

So, for the last year or so, That Girl has had a chart of chores to do. Usually it’s everyday stuff, like putting away her backpack and brushing her teeth.


However, I made one specifically for her to do on weekends, so that she can help with keeping the house tidy.


She’s usually pretty good about doing her chores, and is getting to the point where only minimal supervision is required for some. For example, feeding the cats might require some help carrying the kibble bag, because it’s pretty heavy. Or filling the toilet paper spindles might mean she needs help carrying the rolls down the stairs to the powder room (and because there are 2 bathrooms, she gets to make 2 check marks).

So, imagine our surprise to walk into the bathroom to find this:

toilet rolls

It’s the LEANING TOWER OF TOILET PAPER. I mean, DUDE. The spindles are only meant to hold three┬árolls, maybe four. She couldn’t stack the TP much higher if she tried, or it would be over her head.

What cracked me up even more? Was that there is NO TP AT ALL in the powder room.

We’re going to need a new chart.