Music Monday: Workout Playlist

I’m tired. I’ve been tired for awhile. And do you know why?

EXERCISE. Specifically, JOGGING.

Yeah, that’s right. Me. I have lifted my expansive arse from my comfy chair where it’s all INTERNETS FOREVER!!11! and ramped up my comfortable but mostly dormant exercise routine. Because of health (if you’ll recall from my fat lazy liver and my near-explodey-blood-vessel-ridiculous-high blood pressure and also my diva ovaries — NO WAIT they’re off the hook on this one, what a surprise, but it’s okay… I can blame them for a shitload of other stuff). And, therefore, also SCIENCE.

But mostly vanity, truth be told.

The thing is, though? I HATE JOGGING. I hate running of any sport. There’s a reason I only did sports involving jumping and hitting and a minimum of running. Because OH YEAH FUCK YOU RUNNING THAT’S WHY. Also my knees and and my back and my other joints and my fat jiggly bits hate running.

But I am doing it. Not a lot, but I am doing it.

And because I am doing it, I need music to motivate me. I need songs that have a good, consistent, repetitive beat, because of the compulsion to match my stride to it and thereby keeps me putting one foot in front of the other. I need these sorts of songs to just focus on the BOOM-BOOM-BOOM of the beat until my brain is only thinking of that and my feet are hitting the treadmill on pace.

Otherwise I just give up.

When it comes to running, I have no particular artist or era, but that beat must be (relatively) consistent.

So that means, my playlist these days consists of things like:

Stereophonics’ “Dakota”. Ever since I first heard that song, either I run or I drive too fast.

Then there’s some Coldplay:


Some Blue Peter, for those of you who a) remember the 80s and 2) remember the 80s in Canada:

And some Midnight Oil, for those of you who remember the 80s in Australia. DO NOT LOOK DIRECTLY INTO THE DANCING PETER GARRETT. It will put you off your stride, not to mention induce seizures.

But it’s not just the beat that keeps me going. Sometimes I need some lyrics to push me. Like this Econoline Crush song, telling me over and over again it’s “never enough”.

Or this one by New Order telling me that “in the end you will submit/it’s got to hurt a little bit”:


And then this one, which is about… I don’t even know exactly, but it’s full of all sorts of lines around finding success despite not being youthful, and I find it highly motivating.

And Gaga, because… well, applause.

Who doesn’t find applause motivating? CHEER FOR ME MAH PEEPS, I’M WORKING UP A SWEAT HERE.

There are more, of course. I have a current playlist of about 15 or so songs on “random”, so the songs are never in the same order. It┬ákeeps me on my toes by keeping me from getting bored. Which is, believe me, a huge occupational hazard of this whole jogging thing for me.

Well, that and falling off the treadmill like a klutz. But right now, my concern is motivation.

I’m thinking I had better mine my iTunes library for another playlist or two, just to be safe.