Inside and Out

We have been plugging away at our home improvement projects. And when I say “plugging away”, what I mean is “not doing much of anything at all, really”.

Well, these things take time.

We finished painting our one-day-to-be-reclaimed living room, with two coats of paint. And we were eager to get on to putting in the flooring, so we made a decision on the type and colour, and BDH ran out to Home Despot and bought the flooring, as well as underlay and supplies and tools.

And then we found that you have to let your flooring sit and acclimate or acclimatize or some such word meaning “sit around and get used to the environment” or something, for at least THREE DAYS.

Insert sound of screeching car brakes here.

But that is fine, because it was a busy week, school- and work-wise anyway. And it wasn’t as if we were not doing ANYTHING. We were.

Aside from work, and appointments, and a school function, we did do a few things to keep the home improvement train on the tracks.

For starters, BDH practiced with the brand new table saw he bought for our house projects, and built a laptop tray for our treadmill.

A WHAT NOW, you say? A laptop tray for the treadmill.

For awhile now, we’ve wanted to get more active, but are loathe to give up our leisure time to do it. So out there on Teh Interwebs, where you can find ANYTHING, I learned that there are people who have workstations where they walk on treadmills while they work. Some are actual real corporate-cubicle-type workstations, in the thousands-of-dollars range and kitted out with all the bells and whistles one might need. Some are considerably cheaper, but still quite functional, Ikea furniture hacks.

We don’t have thousands of dollars. Or a local Ikea.

So BDH took it upon himself to design and build an elegantly simple tray to fit right onto our current treadmill. And now, we can walk and surf the internets at the same time.

So that was nifty.

Also, although we’ve not been DOING home improvement stuff, we have still been PLANNING stuff. And, as often happens when one plans… we have therefore PURCHASED some stuff. Specifically, a shed.

We’ve needed a shed, well, ever since we moved in, actually. We have needed a place for lawn mower and gardening tools and other miscellaneous stuff — a place which is NOT OUR GARAGE. And for years, we’ve been looking at, but not actually BUYING, various sheds.

Until today, when a little delivery trolley plonked a flat-packed shed down in our driveway. TA DAAAH, a shed. As well, we ordered and are awaiting delivery of some sort of gravel-type substance to go underneath it to provide a flat surface on which said shed can rest. (Also, I fear, to provide a lovely and warm shelter for any neighbourhood skunks or bunnies or whoever else may be looking to make a home in our yard, but BDH assures me that this will not be welcoming material under which to make a home. We shall see.)

This shed will also require the removal of an apple tree from the only flat surface in our backyard on which a shed could sit. An apple tree that I grew for BDH from a seed about 14 years ago — one that has threatened to die on numerous occasions, actually split into two distinct trunks at ground level, and has fruited a grand total of once.

But the main reason we have to take it down, shed or no shed, is that in its endless dithering as to whether or not it would survive from year to year, it got plunked into a corner of our garden which is too close to the fences on either side of it. And because of this, it can’t be, and has never been, trimmed properly, and is not only growing ridiculously tall and weedy, but also reaching into the neighbour’s yard. So, shed or no, it had to come out.

This means that now we have two potential home improvement projects on the go this weekend. First, our flooring has now been laying around looking like it just don’t care for sufficiently long enough that we may actually begin to install it. And second, we have to cut down an apple tree, dig out the stump, relocate some perennials and some cement block garden edging, and prepare a spot in which to put a shed. Which, I suppose, will also require project the third: hauling a cubic metre of gravel and a flat-packed shed to the farthest reaches of our yard, and assembling said shed on top of said evenly-distributed gravel.

Weather will have a lot to do in determining what gets done and when, but no matter what happens, weather wise… It’s shaping up to be a busy weekend.

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  1. Sounds like fun.You are now into the realistic field of home repairs and renovations.
    Do one thing and there are 3 or 4 more that go along with it that you didn’t think about. We have been doing these things for 55 years so we know what you are going through.

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