Hello again, internet peeps!

We were away, on vacation. Well, when I say “vacation”, what I mean is that we had gone to visit family in Nova Scotia to celebrate a certain someone’s SIXTH birthday.


It was a momentous occasion. Ungodly early flights were taken. A tooth — a FIRST tooth — was lost and then exchanged for cash with the Tooth Fairy. A Frozen-themed birthday party was had. A big girl bicycle was purchased. (And a certain Daddy, accompanied by a certain Mommy, spent a night in Emergency while away with suspected gallstones.)

It was an EVENT.

(Although, unlike last year’s birthday, this one was not a surprise trip. There was Much To Do to plan and prepare beforehand. And sorry I did not mention it prior to going, but DUDE. Advertising on Teh Interwebs that one will be away from home? Not a good plan.)

And now we are back, shiny Tooth-Fairy-delivered coin in piggy bank, new bicycle already taken on her maiden voyage. And I have pictures to show you. And video of various and sundry things.

BUT NOT RIGHT NOW. Because getting up at 4 am for flights, plus a night spent in the emergency department playing 2048 and knitting, tends to leave one enormously sleep deprived.

So I shall go to bed.

One thought on “Whirlwind

  1. Hooray for birthdays and holidays and teeth! But BOOOO to emergency rooms. That is nine kinds of wrong whilst on holiday.

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