Let the Sunshine In

So I haven’t posted anything in a while. I could make a bunch of excuses, blah blah blah, yada yada yada, except I haven’t got any. Nothing.

It’s not like we’ve been sick. It hasn’t been unusually busy for me. I haven’t had anything terribly exciting happen. It’s just been a regular week full of… well, nothing remarkable, really. Lots of work, lots of laundry, lots of appointments and the usual stuff.

But I kind of reached… A POINT… where I was just seriously ready to hibernate and never wake up again. The weather — well, this winter that never ends was just NEVER GOING TO END, and I was tired and feeling the funk of sensory winter depression.

And then the sun came out.

At the end of last week, THE SUN CAME OUT. It was still cold, but there was sun and melting snow and it was GOOD. I felt like doing things again. And I did. Work, cleaning, baking, just generally productive STUFF. And then, to get me out of my funk further, on the weekend we went to have a family “sleepover” at our friends’ home, so the kids (who are the same age) could play together and, after the kids were in bed, the adults could hang out and drink wine and decompress.

And so, this week, I am feeling better. I am still plenty tired, but it’s fine. I feel a little more lively, what with two days of walking in the sunshine to and from school. And we’re gearing up for some things to come.

A holiday to visit family. AND a certain someone’s sixth birthday (HINT: Not me or BDH.)

We’ve needed spring to start showing its face around here. Spring has officially been here for 10 days already at least, but it sure hasn’t felt like it. Today was the first day since our first snowfall (in, what, November maybe?) that Stinkerbelle hasn’t had to wear snow pants to school. It’s ridiculous. It has been the longest winter I can remember. And its taken its toll.

So now we have a few days of work and appointments and school and what have you until we can take off to visit family. Sure it will still be cold and just the beginnings of spring, but we will be able to relax and enjoy what we do get. That Girl will get to spend some much-anticipated time with her grandparents and aunties and uncles and cousins, which is her Favourite and her Best. And it will be a week of being reminded that SOMEBODY IS TURNING SIX, which means cake and presents and cake and party stuff and cake and also DID SHE MENTION CAKE.

My own little sunshine, bringing the warmth and joy, heralding the season of sunshine and warmth and making me happy. Seems fitting she should have been born in the early spring.

Soon enough, I know, I will be complaining about the heat and humidity. But that seems worlds away, and I’m just going to enjoy this little bit of spring thaw, outside and inside.