Music Monday: From Telly

BDH and I decided about, what, eight? years ago that we no longer needed cable television. Him being a computer guy, and all interested in technology, we opted instead for watching things online.

A couple years later I finally gave up the ghost on commercial radio as well. I listened to satellite radio for awhile, but that was mostly in the car, and I am not there much.

So, this distance from commercial media found us somewhat disconnected to what was happening in new music. Because BDH works with Young People, and because he has more pop sensibilities, he was keeping a bit more up to date on what was popular in music than I was. But being at home with a toddler all the time, I didn’t get exposed to much new at all.

But then we started watching lots of British television programs on the interwebs. And, in watching lots of quiz shows, and chat shows, and whatever else, we started hearing new music again. (Which has a nice symmetry to it, because my first real love of new and eclectic music came from a TV program in the 70s called The New Music.)

A few tunes became popular with us from hearing a snippet of a song in a show or ad and having BDH try to determine what it was using Shazam. But one of my favourites came from seeing someone on a quiz show and being so taken with her, we sought out her music.

We saw Paloma Faith on Never Mind the Buzzcocks and we were won over by her daffy sauciness. She is, to quote an oft-used phrase around here, a nutty nut girl from Nutland. She’s HILARIOUS. And you can see some of that in some of her music:

But also? That girl got some serious PIPES:

So, yeah. I love me some Paloma.

Hosting that first episode we saw Paloma on was another very funny, very talented performer, Tim Minchin. A quick Google later, and we were hooked. Especially this Xmas song I post each year:

I know. It’s not Christmas anymore. Sorry.

But we catch chat shows too, particularly Graham Norton. And where we first saw this song by Paramore, which BDH loves and Stinkerbelle loves for the song and the dancing and the balloons in equal parts:

We also recently became big fans of this guy, Tinie Tempah, and his new album WHICH WE CANNOT GET IN CANADA WTELF I DON’T EVEN. But we can get this single, which is awesome:

Plus he’s well spoken and charming and funny and quite handsome. I give him permission to date my daughter in 20 years.

And, from that single, we also found Labrinth, who is also pretty talented and handsome in his own right (but we did not see him on a chat show so we have no idea if he’s a good guy and thus does not yet have permission to date my daughter in 20 years’ time.)

And, although I definitely am not a fan of their music, in seeing them talk and be charming and funny and personable, I have a newfound appreciation for Josh Groban and Michael Buble and Robbie Williams. I’d feel comfortable inviting any one of them to dinner. As long as they don’t sing, I’m okay with that.