Saturday Smile: Winter Accessorizing, Big Time Stylee

My child loves her some My Little Pony. And she’s always bugging me to knit something for her. So when I found some cheap yarn in Twilight Sparkle colours, well…

A scarf:


and a hat:


were both forthcoming.

Hey, giant hats in garish colours are all the rage right now. As my kid can tell you, as we were walking to school, through snowsqualls, and she was bellowing at neighbours across the road AND I GOT A NEW HAT! MY MOMMY MADE IT! AND A SCARF! AND SHE’S GONNA KNIT ME A WIG!

(I didn’t agree to that last part, BTW. I was all DENY DENY DENY.)

One thought on “Saturday Smile: Winter Accessorizing, Big Time Stylee

  1. Very nice job mommy. I am not sure about the wig though. Nice colors for that girl. Although I must admit I haven’t seen a color on her that didn’t look like it belonged with her complexion. That girl needs a Hugh hat to cover those locks of hers.

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