Clawing Our Way Back From Chaos

This winter, it feels like we’ve had lots of disarray. And you know how it is around here — we like our routine. We do well with routine. But it’s been one of those winters where you’re puttering along and then suddenly plans change and OMG WRENCH IN THE WORKS WHAT IS THIS I DON’T EVEN.

I can’t say what it is, exactly. A combination of factors, maybe. And it’s usually nothing big, just little things that must be done here and things you want to do there, an irresistable force here and an immoveable object there… and pretty soon I’m all WHAT HAPPENED TO MY NICE STRUCTURED DAY.

And you can imagine how THAT plays with me. 

Definitely school has required us to be more changeable, with various needs and demands coming up as they do. We’re starting up with private speech therapy, which is exciting. It was daunting at first, not because we are strangers to speech therapy, but because it took a little while to get a regular schedule going. We started with an evaluation at one date and time, set up a regularly scheduled appointment with the SLP who did the evaluation at a different date and time, only to get a call the next day from said SLP saying that she felt it would be best if Stinkerbelle went to a more experienced SLP, which had an opening at another date and time, and then we set up a regularly scheduled appointment with the experienced SLP at a completely different date and time again.

Which we then had to cancel on because of illness.

So, it’s been a bit of a flurry, trying to get this started. At least setting up to start Occupational Therapy was relatively easy by comparison. Still, we are excited to begin speech with this new SLP because she will be so very awesome for That Girl. I mean REALLY. She’s a juggernaut, and she’s amazing to watch. In the one session we had, Stinkerbelle was engaged and having fun and working hard and exhausted at the end of half an hour. And OT will be equally valuable, I think, as well as fun, engaging and hard work for That Girl.

But the scheduling and rescheduling, the planning of appointments and the arranging to miss school for appointments, and the rushing about to and fro has contributed a bit to the chaos this past month. Once we settle into a routine, of course, it will be fine. We hope.

School has given us their blessing and encouraged us to go to therapy, so that’s certainly been helpful in making the transition easier. But in its own way, school has absolutely contributed to our chaotic winter, with more and more sick days for Stinkerbelle.

Primary schools being the germ factories they are, and kindergarten especially being full of walking petri dishes (thanks June for the terminology), we’ve certainly been getting our fair share of illnesses. Stinkerbelle missed three days this week with a cold, and being the social butterfly she is, she missed the interaction and the kids and the structure. That, combined with feeling crappy, and the increasingly whiny and contradictory nature of the average five-year-old, has made her a treat to be with all week, I can tell you. Or, you know, NOT.

But there’s also the disruption that having her home makes in my day. I try to have a schedule of things I do while she’s away — cleaning, cooking, work, errands — which all go out the window when someone is home sick and in need of care, or company, or entertainment.

And the weather has not been helping our need for structure in our daily lives. It does us no favours when it is too cold to send a child out to burn off some energy, not even for recess at school, as has been the case for most of the month of January. It does not help that school days have been cancelled due to extreme cold, or buses have been cancelled because of weather, or I’ve had to drag a whining and miserable kid along unshovelled and impassable sidewalks or through temperatures that take our breath away.

We normally enjoy our walk to school, socializing a wee bit and then getting to school early enough to allow for a few minutes of play time for That Girl with her little friends. But January has been about a forced march through bitter cold, only to get to school and go straight in to be cooped up all day. And the walk home is normally a time of recapping the day, perhaps playing a little game along the way, but once again its been bundle up, march home, go inside.

Neither of us has enjoyed it much.

I am trying to be more optimistic about February. I’m trying to make a meal plan for each week. I am trying to stick to a regular exercise routine. I’m instigating daily homework and a daily homework time for Stinkerbelle. I’m looking to get a few more work hours in per week. I’m updating my blogs and hoping to implement a few things there. I am thinking about painting a bedroom.

Am I kidding myself?

Surely things will settle into a regular routine now, right? The appointments will all blend into our routine and will not be an issue anymore. Right? The polar weather can’t hold much longer. Can it? All the colds and bugs that have been going around have surely made their way though the school population by now. Haven’t they?

Or am I just an idiot? DON’T ANSWER THAT.

I’m tired. I’d really like to settle into a few weeks of regularly scheduled programming, if that’s all the same to whatever powers that be are in charge. I’d like to get my routine back, if the fates don’t mind taking a break from messing with my carefully ordered day.

However… checking the forecast, I see we’re in for more cold and snow this weekend. And I have this tickle starting in the back of my throat. DAMN YOU, CHAOS.

One thought on “Clawing Our Way Back From Chaos

  1. Pardon my language, but seriously, winter needs to just fuck off at this point. And yes, February will be better, partly because OMG DAYLIGHT STILL AT 5.

    and oh yes the little human petri dishes… I have never taken so many sick days in my life as the year T was in kindergarten. Good news, it does get better, especially once they are no longer playing with germ infested toys on the carpet. (Or licking the communal markers. Seriously, I watched a kid do that in T’s class and almost screamed.)

    Maybe go look at the calming manatee for a bit. That will help.

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