Finding Happy

It’s a fair comment to say that I’ve been struggling to be happy these past few weeks.

There are a number of factors contributing to my down mood. The holidays are over, which is always a come-down. An online acquaintance, a young vibrant woman, died of H1N1 flu this week. Stinkerbelle is fully five, in all it’s glory, and with that comes a whole host of challenging behaviours. Unrelated to that, we’re getting her into private Occupational Therapy and Speech Therapy to assist her with catching up developmentally, which is a bit of running around and a fair bit of money, which will be hard. The weather has been frigid and cold. But mostly, I am a person who gets the winter blues, or SAD, in the midwinter, and so the dark and cold of late January and February see me struggling.

Some years I am exhausted all the time, but since I walk That Girl to school and try to get in some cardio or other exercise during the day, I am not feeling as tired. That has been nice. I’m also taking vitamin D drops and eating lots of fruit and that’s helping as well. This year it just seems to be my mood that is struggling.

My family sure does notice it. I am a cranky, unreasonable, short-tempered parent to Stinkerbelle, and a tired, defeated and weepy partner to BDH. Fortunately, BDH knows my propensity for SAD and and has seen it before so he just rolls with it, reasons with me, asks if I have taken any vitamin D, and generally helps out where he can (no doubt praying under his breath for an early spring or a big dose of horse tranquillizer to knock me out until March).

But That Girl, she has no clue why I am such a short-tempered shrew these days. So I have been trying to take it easy on myself and, by extension, her, wherever possible. I am trying to get out in the sunshine on the rare occasions we have it, I am trying to get fit and eat right, and I am trying to find ways to help me be happy.

So a couple of weeks ago, I found this:

Go ahead. Click the link. I’ll wait.

I’ve been using that to help me get happy. I put that on while I am working or doing something on my computer or whatever, and sing along. I find it’s been buoying my mood, singing about happy. And watching other people dance around and smile has made me feel a little happier too. And it’s 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, so if ever I needed a burst of happy, it’s silly and fun and always there.

And other people have gotten happy to Happy too, enough so that there is now this:

People around the world are getting happy with me.

Go ahead. Sing. Dance. It’s silly, but it’s a nice way to beat the winter blues.

One thought on “Finding Happy

  1. It has been a very long winter so far and I am afraid it will go all the way to March 20 th
    We have had one storm after another and very cold with wind chills.
    Hope I am wrong and that you will feel better soon. The video may help you.

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