Music Monday: Denial

It’s been ridiculously cold and snowy this winter. Frigid days, unbelievably cold wind chill, and more snow than I can shovel anymore.

But I am refusing to think of that. Right now, my Music Monday is about warmth. I bring you sunshine and heat and fire and other warm and toasty things.

I bring you some tropical reggae warmth from Bob Marley:

Happiness and the sound of sunshine comin’ down in Italy with Michael Franti:

Because Johnny Clegg is awesome, and also he burns for you:

Midnight Oil’s in Australia, which is always hot. And also, their beds are apparently on fire.

Hot Hot Heat, by virtue of their name alone:

Modern English are hot enough that they are apparently melting, and may, in fact, cause you to melt as well.

Arcade Fire, while plenty hot, also advises you in this cold weather to feel free to let your car warm up in the morning.

Kings of Leon are on fire, and there’s an ointment for that, apparently:

Hothouse Flowers. Please keep warm and water often.

Billy Idol is both untroubled by the cold and is not suffering unplowed roads in an urban winter, the bastard.

And like the Power Station, I like it hot, and I sweat when the heat is on.

And because BDH is the God of Hell Fire (and He Brings You A Sofa), there’s this bizarre number featuring a gnome and a Noel Fielding impersonator, “Fire” by Something Something Arthur Brown: