Music Monday: 80s CanCon

Sorry I have been AFK (away from the keyboard) recently. Actually, I haven’t, but it’s been OMG 50TH ANNIVERSARY OF DOCTOR WHO and I have been going Doctor Who all day, every day, on all channels.

But the anniversary is over (note: IT WAS AWESOME) and now it is time to get back to the business of posting. Until something else comes up and distracts me, OBVS.

So last night, or maybe the night before, I was laying in bed trying to sleep, and had the ol’ iPod on shuffle, trying to find something to listen to, to help me doze off. And my iPod shuffled me to THE EIGHTIES. And not just the eighties — AS IF THAT WEREN’T AWESOME ENOUGH — but it was 80s CANCON.

Now, for the uninitiated, CanCon stands for Canadian Content. Canadian Content was (and maybe still is, I dunno) a policy mandated by the government wherein a certain percentage of all content played on Canadian radio had to be at least partly written, produced, presented, or otherwise contributed to by Canadians.

Now, this meant that, while some of it was awesome, and some of the artists that became popular here owe their success to this exposure, a fair bit of the music we were often subjected to was pretty awful. All you have to do is spend a week listening to any cottage country radio station to see what I mean.

It wasn’t all bad. And some of it really was, but I still have a fondness in my heart for the songs and artists from that time.

Like the Spoons, for instance. They played at my high school when I was in grade 11:

I loved them. And I still quite like the songs, although very dated.

Martha and the Muffins started off the 80s with a song that actually, I think, hit big internationally:

And then kind of went nowhere else. Ah well.

And then the Payola$. Yes, there’s a dollar sign in the name. Well, clearly they were not going to break big elsewhere with a name like that, were they? Too bad, too. They had some talent.

I listened to that song A LOT trying to cope with life in hell at a US university.

And then… OMG ZAPPACOSTA. Talk about your cheese.

God how I loved that bombastic vocal and the ridiculous lyrics. LOVED. IT. So bad it defies reason. And yet? I LOVED IT.

It wasn’t all bad, though. I mean, PLATINUM BLONDE, people! I’d still listen to this.

Okay, it’s also a little dated. But OMG GOOD SONG. ELEVENTEEN.

And The Box, a Quebecois band that had a couple pretty big hits in Anglophone Canada:

And there was some absolute brilliance in Canadian music, too. One of the great Canadian bands of all time, Blue Rodeo, broke in the 80s.

And although country is SO NOT MY THING, the beautiful vocals of Jim Cuddy on this song won me over.

And then there’s this. Men Without Hats.

Well. It’s not all progress, is it.

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  1. Do you know how many times we sung along to “my life is very boring, I’m an office clerk” at my old job? A LOT. And yet somehow I did not know it was sung by the awesomely named (and also awesomely dressed) Martha and the Muffins. Go figger.

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