I’m Back, With a SQUEEEEEEE

Well, we have made it through our martian death flu (thanks June) and come out the other side.

And to celebrate, the first morning I am feeling better, I woke up to THIS — this magical, glorious, YEARS-awaited piece of televisual goodness that has set my Doctor Who fangirl heart all to squeeing out loud and shrieking with excitement.

I may have cried a tear or two. It is true.

I give you, the return of My Doctor:

I think even BDH will clap his hands with glee over this. We’ve been cursing the BBC PTB (BBC Powers-That-Be) for weeks, nay MONTHS now, about not bringing Paul McGann back.


I swear I shall never speak ill of MOFFFFAAAAAAAATTTTT again. Until I do. Of course.

3 thoughts on “I’m Back, With a SQUEEEEEEE

  1. I was wondering if you’d seen The Night of the Doctor! I too squee’d a little squee. I’ve missed him, I’ve always thought it would be nice to see more of the 8th doctor. And now we know there was at least one doctor between him & Eccleston. So, does this make Capaldi Thirteen?

    • No, MOFFFFFAAAAATTTT was clear that Hurt!Doctor is not a “proper” Doctor iteration, so the numbering remains the same. Which is also why he said “Doctor no more” on regeneration, and why Eleven is taking great pains to insist “you are NOT a Doctor”. Is he another version of the Valeyard? Or some special alternate incarnation that the Sisterhood can control? Dunno. I’m going to have to go back and watch the Four episode with the Sisterhood to see if I can take any clues from that, since they were Timelord-ish before there were Timelords.

  2. It was a lovely clip, wasn’t it? And Eight…well, he’s lovely, too. Ever since I saw the movie (which was just odd, really, probably made even odder by the fact that I saw it in pieces on YouTube), I’ve been saying that I wanted to see more of McGann as The Doctor. I know there are the audios, but I don’t have access to those. And, now, finally, I’ve got some of that “more”. Problem is, now I want more of “more”.


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