Music Monday: Improvise

It’s Monday but I am still feeling a bit off. This sinus infection thing has mostly gone, but I am tired and feeling like I have been kicked repeatedly in one spot in the back of the throat. (BDH says that he did it when I was sleeping. I am not ruling that out.)

Consequently, I am going to bed, and so I have nothing to post for you, musically, today. My fuzzy-headed tiredness makes it impossible to decide on any particular song or artist or genre today. And it hurts to sing much so my auditory entertainment today is mostly of the Doctor Who Audio Drama variety.

So I leave it to you, good people: Improvise. Go forth and listen to something that moves you, something that relaxes you, something that makes you happy. If you find something, recommend it.

But not until tomorrow, for I will be sleeping the sleep of the moderately medicated until then.