Music Monday: My DID Song #6

So, here we are at number six. I can’t believe I have narrowed it down thus far! In the past, every time I have tried to come up with my list of Desert Island Discs I end up with about 20 and the angst of OMG I CANNOT DECIDE MUST TAKE THEM ALL NOOOOOO.

(Plus every time I talk about this stuff BDH is all BUT YOUR IPOD HOLDS THOUSANDS OF SONGS! WHY ONLY EIGHT? WHYYYYY.)

So hurrah for progress!

My sixth disc (holy hell, say THAT five times fast — “sixth disc! sixth disc! sixth disc!”) was a pretty easy choice, all things considered. Way back in the day, in high school and university, I was a party girl. And I spent A LOT of time going out dancing at the pub. A LOT. So my music of choice whenever I am just listening to music is often 80s alternative dance music. Or what is charmingly nowadays called “Retro Alternative”.

So I had to pick something I could dance to. The problem was: of all those 80s dance songs, all those alternative bands with their epic hair and makeup and clotheshorse style, none of them really made me as happy as this song, from 1992 or so: “Friday I’m In Love”.

Of course it had to be The Cure. I love The Cure, always have done. But of all their brilliant songs, this one just stands apart for me.

No, that’s not true. Actually, given my druthers, it would have been really, REALLY hard to choose between this one, and a remixed version of “Close to Me” that the late, great Martin Streek used to play on live-to-air Sunday nights in the glory days of CFNY, one that was slowed down and full of all these sexy horns and just amazing… BUT I CANNOT FIND IT.

(Actually… I probably have it on tape somewhere around here, recorded live off the radio.)

But this easily runs a close second. And it’s so upbeat and danceable. And Robert Smith with his brilliant turns of phrase and jangly guitars… Yes, I know that “Pictures of You” and “Elise” are beautiful and elegiac and gorgeous, but dancing to The Cure is a happy memory for me. I need a party on my island.

And I will always picture short-haired Robert Smith when I hear this song, and this is a Very Good Thing.

So there you go. But if someone comes across the slowed up, sexy, Martin Streek version of “Close to Me” that I am talking about… arrange an air drop on my island for me, will you?

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