Music Monday: My DID Song #5

I am slowly working my way through my Desert Island Discs. It’s been great to go through all my favourite songs and decide what to choose.

BDH thought he could help me narrow down some songs last week, and so he got onto iTunes and began trying to suss out what I would choose. He’d choose a song and be all OH THIS ONE MUST BE IT and then I’d say no and he’d have seventeen reasons why it SHOULD be the song I choose and why I am a stupid dumbhead for NOT choosing it.

That’s the thing, man. Eight discs is ALL YOU GET. They have to be important to you, or have some meaning to you, or never get old. It’s not easy.

This week’s disc is one that BDH would DEFINITELY say I was a stupid dumbhead for choosing (not being as big a Crowded House fan as I am — or at all, really). But I love it, and it’s my favourite song from one of my favourite bands, so I Don’t Care.

It’s a song called “Into Temptation” by Crowded House.

Now, most people don’t know much Crowded House, and if they do, they are just as likely not to know this song. But it’s beautiful and it’s my favourite.

Good dog, I love me some Finn brothers songwriting. Last week, talking about great songwriters, the Finns, and in particular Neil Finn, qualify as brilliant songwriters on par with Squeeze’s Difford and Tillbrook and the other great pop songwriters of the modern era. Evocative lyrics telling stories, gorgeous melodies… there had to be a Crowded House song with me. And although this was my favourite, it was tough to choose.

Interestingly enough, of all the songs he has written in 30-plus years of making music, it is Neil Finn’s favourite of all his songs, too.

I see this song in my head. It plays out for me like a movie. I see images and colors and it’s like a never-ending film. Many of their songs are like that for me, visual and rich. But this one stands apart for me.

It has no deep meaning in my life. It’s not a hit. It evokes no particular memories for me. It doesn’t connect me with a particular time, or place, or person. It’s just my favourite song of a favourite band, and I love it.

I will just revel in the beauty with this one.

2 thoughts on “Music Monday: My DID Song #5

  1. Excellent choice!! I love this song too! Have you heard the tribute albums to the Finn bros? S/he will have her/his way? Fall at your feet and don’t dream it’s over are my faves in addition to into temptation…loves me some Finn brothers too!!

  2. I heartily agree with this selection, it’s one of my favourites too! That, and Weather With You.

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