The Weather Breaks

The craptastic weather of the last couple of weeks has broken. Finally.

The rain has stopped (although we did not get the ridiculous rain that our neighbours in Toronto got, we had our fair share) and the stifling humidity and heat has blown away with the last storm. Today we have clear (-ish) blue skies, 22 degree temperatures, and a breeze. The windows are open and the A/C is off. It’s like we can breathe again.

The weather has been awful, and we’ve been stuck inside. To be fair, even if the weather had not been so bad, we’d still have been stuck inside because of the Chest Cold Plague Virusy Death 2013. (Yes, that is what I am calling it. Shut up.) But even with the cold, if the weather had been fit, at least we could have taken Stinkerbelle out in the backyard to blow bubbles or something, just for a break.

But no. It was like living in a swamp these past weeks.

I don’t know about you, but I am not good with humidity. It’s not my best thing. I have never liked it. I become sweaty and miserable and wilt like a big fat weed. It saps my energy, and I don’t want to do anything. I just want to seek out cool spaces and cold drinks and do nothing.

(Although, in the interest of full disclosure, having a pool helps with that. As long as there is some sort of avenue of relief from the melting humidity, I am okay. This is what growing up with a pool teaches you.)

And so, consequently… we did nothing. And now, the weed-infested overgrown yard, the weed-infested gardens, the neglected flowers, the piling-up laundry, the carpets that once knew a vacuum in passing… they’re all calling out to me.

So when it breaks, as it did today, you have to get out and Get Things Done. We went to the post office to get a parcel. We picked up a couple of things at the store. We went to the park. I weeded the vegetable garden. It was a busy morning.

And, hopefully, this afternoon will be equally productive. More gardening, maybe some cleaning, and homework time. With windows wide open and a lovely breeze blowing through.

This is, of course, if I can keep That Girl from whining and complaining and pleading to Go Out And Play. For she, too, has been stuck indoors, and with nobody to play with and nothing to do. Her patience for being with Mum while chores get done, no matter if it is outside, only goes so far. She will not be placated with merely BEING outside; she will have to be PLAYING outside.

So we will have to see what the afternoon brings us. Whatever that is, I will be somewhat content in the fact that I am wearing something that is not sweat-drenched and that moving doesn’t require a superhuman effort. And I guess that’s alright.