Music Monday: Car Ride Songs

We listen to music a lot here, and in particular, when we’re in the car. I have a satellite radio subscription, so we have some variety. But Stinkerbelle has some particular songs that she likes to listen to when we’re in the car, and so we have to bring along my iPod when we’re going to be in the car longer than a few minutes.

She does not know the actual names of the songs or the bands. She just sings snippets of the songs at me in lieu of a title, and I play them.

First off, no matter what, if we are driving somewhere, we must listen to The Darkness. Several times over, actually. It’s one of her favourites.

She loves to sing along. LOUDLY.

She also loves to hear a playlist we made up years ago for a friend, all songs for sunny days, starting with T-Shirt Weather by the Lucksmiths.

There’s some Texas, which — let’s be honest — is really there for me.

Then we move on to Temper Trap, and she gets to really rocking out.

Who wouldn’t? It’s an awesome tune. (And I love that video with big, puffy pink hearts. I do. It’s so cool.)

And if you’re going to sing in the car, there HAS to be some Johnny Clegg:

Because I love him and true love lasts a lifetime.

And some Angelique Kidjo. Because she is awesome.

There are more songs, of course… but by then, my little passenger has often nodded off in the back seat.

3 thoughts on “Music Monday: Car Ride Songs

  1. Stinkerbelle has GREAT taste!! We were meant to come down the aisle to The Darkness, but the iPod got left at the farm, so instead, we walked into the reception to it!!!

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