Music Monday

It’s Monday, and I have decided that Mondays will be for Music. Firstly, because I love music, and secondly, because I love a good dance party. AND WHO DOESN’T I ASK YOU.

And because it is the start of June, so basically the start of Summer, what better music to post than Michael Franti, my daughter’s internet boyfriend?

I thought you’d say that. So here I am to help you get your groove on.

Anyway, to start us off, welcome to Summer 2013. It’s a little seizure inducing so maybe just close your eyes:

Or, you can watch this version which gives you all the charm and charisma and sweet dorkiness of the man without the flashing lights:

I like that one better. Because he’s just. so. charming. This is why I am okay with him being my daughter’s internet boyfriend.

But if this summer doesn’t do it for you, how about a past summer?

And then there’s this version. Because it’s sunny and lovely and is probably my favourite of all his songs.

Or you could go with this, which Stinkerbelle used to love because of all the hugging in it. WHO DOESN’T LOVE A GOOD HUG? I KNOW.

And if that still doesn’t shake yer groove thang, there’s the always danceable mega-super-hit which, although it’s not quite as adorable as when my three year old sang it, is still a great song. And probably will never get old.

Dance party! Enjoy!

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