Sneezing and Sneaking

Well, it was inevitable. After BDH and Stinkerbelle both getting a cold two weeks ago, and me sitting there saying HA HA I REFUSE TO HAVE THIS BASTARD COLD, what happens?

I got the cold. Actually, it came on like a Japanese bullet train. Last Thursday morning, I got up and exercised. Fine. I had breakfast. Fine. Took That Girl to school around nine o’clock. Bit of a sore throat. By noon, I was sneezing my brains out. And by five PM, I was ready for bed.

And, to add insult to injury, it had snowed that day, and when I was going to pick Stinkerbelle up from school, I slipped on a patch of ice and hurt my back. So that was fun.

But in spite of that, our week has been ticking along fine. We’ve been doing our thing, working and school and whatnot, busy as usual. I’ve had quite a few projects on the go at work keeping me pretty busy in my non-Stinkerbelle-maintenance hours. I’ve been running errands and the like as well when she’s at school. And BDH and I have been determinedly working our way through THE ENTIRE The West Wing when we have some TV-watching time.

BUT. There is something on the horizon. Something coming. Which is very exciting.

I am only telling you this, Dearest Internet Peeps, because I know you can keep a secret. And also, because Stinkerbelle cannot read yet. So.

Stinkerbelle’s fifth birthday is in two weeks, and we are — AS A SURPRISE — flying her to Nova Scotia to visit her Grammy and Grandad and family. And to have a party.

She has NO. IDEA.

We’re going to drop her off at school in the morning, and while she is at school, get our bags packed and into an airport transport van. And then when she gets home, we’ll just get into the van and she will have no idea what is going on. Until we get to the airport.

And then she’ll positively flip her lid with excitement. Which is kind of the point, really.

Five is a big deal. She’ll be going off to Big Girl School in September, and we wanted to do something a little special. And, because she tells us almost every day how much she misses her Gram and her Grandad and her aunts and uncles and cousins, what could be more special than partying it up big time with them?

That’s what we thought too.

So, there’s lots of preparation that has to happen before then. Like I said, I have some BIG projects at work to get done. I’ve had to online shop for birthday presents and then get delivery without her being aware of it. OMG laundry like whoa. Cat sitters to be arranged. Teachers must be informed of absence. The house has not been cleaned since Chretien was PM. And all on the sly, without Herself knowing.

This, on top of the MOM MOM DID YOU KNOW THE EASTER BUNNY IS COMING HE WILL BRING ME CHOOOOOOOOCCCCCOLLLLATTTTE that’s been going on for two weeks AT LEAST. And has also required some on-the-sly stuff as well.

It all kind of adds to the excitement, really.

So, yeah. While it has been busy, it’s starting to get crazy fun busy. But if we can get through this weekend, and all the cleaning and laundry and organizing that has to happen, without spilling the beans, I will be happy.

As I mentioned, THIS IS A SECRET. I am counting on you to KEEP IT UNDER YOUR HAT. DO NOT LET ME DOWN.


2 thoughts on “Sneezing and Sneaking

  1. I promise to try not to spill the beans but when I talked to her tonight and she said she wanted to have lunch with us I almost let it slip. But the chocolate pudding will be in the fridge ready to share with me and I hope granddad at lunch time when she arrives. I AM REALLY TRYING!!!!

  2. I think Gram is the weak link here. 😉 That sounds awesome and she really will lose her little mind. Good times.

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