Reasons to Be Cheerful

It’s one of those days. For the last few nights, That Girl has had us up in the wee hours with a cough. Or she’s been up at half past oh-holy-hell in the morning, coughing. It’s one of those cough-until-you-gag-type coughs, which in a four year old can easily become a cough-until-you-barf cough. This appears to be phase two of the cold she was down with on the weekend.

It’s not really a bad cold, as far as colds go — mostly inconvenient in that we’re feeling sleep deprived. OMG SO TIRED WHERE IS MY COFFEE is how I would describe it, especially this morning. I emailed in sick from work in the wee hours of the morning, and cancelled the sitter, and we’re home for the day. Stinkerbelle was off for March break last week, and missed school and swimming this week, and at this point she is So. Tired. Of. Me. that it is no longer even funny. For a highly social kid like Stinkerbelle, being stuck at home is torturous. She misses her friends.

Also today, That Girl’s much-loved Grandad is having some surgery. It’s not serious surgery, per se — but he’s had a rough go, health-wise, during the last couple of years and so every surgery requires a watchful eye from the doctors and nurses and a couple of days in the hospital for observation. Although he’s in good hands, it’s hard not to worry because we are so far away. So that is sort of niggling at the back of our brainspaces as well.

So we are looking for reasons to be cheerful.

I made a list.

  • It’s pretty freaking chilly outside. We’re in the midst of one of the usual late-in-the-season winter blasts, with snow for the last couple of days, lots of wind, and cold temperatures. So having to stay in and warm is not that much of a hardship — in fact, I kind of don’t mind at all, actually.
  • Stinkerbelle’s choice of activity this week when she is sick is to watch endless episodes of My Little Pony. This is also not such a bad thing, because wanting to lay on the couch and watch MLP means that a) she is still and quiet and thus, not coughing, and 2) I am able to do some work after all, despite not actually being AT work. So this is good.
  • It is the first day of spring. I cannot tell you how happy I am about this. I hate most winters, and this winter has been particularly craptacular. The weather has been all over the place, oftentimes damp or raining or really cold.And I hate damp, wet winters, so that meant a lot of time stuck indoors for That Girl. With spring on its way, she can get outside again soon, and we can go for walks to school or the dollar store or the park or whatever. There are endless activities to get her out in the fresh air and moving again, all of which I have been promising with “soon it will be spring”.
  • It is Mr. Rogers’ birthday today. I love Mr. Rogers, and all he did for generations of kids growing up needing to feel loved and important and good. He was a figure kindness and caring and good in a world that is often hard for kids to navigate. (And if you don’t believe me, go read this. I’ll wait. And bring tissues.) He certainly was in mine. And I am overjoyed that my daughter can share in that, too, watching Daniel Tiger’s Neighbourhood and learning the lessons I learned at her age. We’re both loved and special in Mr. Rogers’ eyes.
  • My daughter insists on buying bananas when we go grocery shopping but never eats them all, and this we have two brown bananas in the fruit bowl. And this, combined with some buttermilk I have stashed away and some chocolate chips in the lazy Susan, means we will have banana bread today.

Of course, in the larger philosophical sense, there are many reasons we have to count ourselves lucky. But on a windy, cold day when I am bleary-eyed from four hours of sleep, and That Girl is sick, tired, and sick and tired, it’s the little reasons to be cheerful that win the day.