Not Enough Hours

January was a struggle for me. Not in a bad way, just in a time-management sort of way.

As I mentioned, at the end of last year, BDH and I and some family members embarked on a plan to improve our health and well-being by adding some exercise and better eating and healthier behaviours to our lives. It’s been really good, for the most part. But it DOES take time.

And the time management part of things is where I am struggling.

I am sure you have noticed, I have not posted as frequently as I usually do here in my blog space. It’s because I am still trying to fit everything I need to do into my day. It’s not like I am run off my feet or anything, but it does require me to plan out my time to get everything done in a day that I want to get done, as well as be an attentive and present wife and mother.

Exercise (and post-exercise stuff like showering and whatnot) takes up about two hours of my day, with at least a half-hour of actual exercise in the morning and in the evening, and then tidying up, showering, and tracking my exercise. Tracking what I eat takes more time still, as does communicating with my fitness peeps, and blogging in my exercise blog (yes, I have one), which is all part of the accountability I need to have to motivate me to continue. So that’s probably another hour, all told.

Then there’s the regular stuff — getting Stinkerbelle fed and dressed and to and from school or activities, making meals, doing a load of laundry or dishes or whatever, making meals — all the stuff that comes with stay-at-home parent-dom. I have no way of accounting for that stuff. It just takes the time it takes. Some days, like today, we have bath and hair to do, which will take up a few hours. Some days, we have to get groceries, which is another hour or two. And some days, various appointments for speech or development or medical stuff have to be plugged in. Plus, I do try to do activities with That Girl, tracing letters or playing games or whatever, to keep her busy and help her along developmentally. And, you know, because I want to have some fun with my kid.

Beyond that, I need to fit work in. I try to fit in as much as I can in the day because MONEY. But I also try to keep on top of anything that is a priority with the guys I am doing work for, which is changeable and unpredictable.

After that, it’s free time. Which is when I would be doing stuff like blogging, or knitting, or reading. I haven’t picked up a book since Christmas. My knitting is portable so sometimes I do that when I am at the pool or soccer practice. Blogging, as someone without iTechnology, gets done after that when I can sit at the computer.

And this time is limited. I will admit that I could probably do it in those times when I am checking email or hanging out in my online knitting community at night (which is really the only social time I have during the day, and I like communicating with other people. Call me crazy.) But it used to be that I had way more free time.

Exercise and healthy eating, and being accountable for these, has sort of taken up the free time I am used to having. And so I am struggling to fit it all in. Eventually, it will be faster and easier to do; it’s just a matter of getting into this new routine.


So for the short term, I am feeling a little pressed for time, and neglecting the things I normally do. Like blogging. And, I am ashamed to admit, vacuuming the playroom and sweeping and mopping. OOPS. And the ways I can think of right now to save time? Will actually TAKE MORE TIME TO IMPLEMENT.


I love my routines. I hate feeling like my routine is all effed up. So it’s been making me a little peevish to be honest. Or, it would, if the exercise were not making me too tired to work up any real amount of caring.

If I could blog while folding laundry while I’m using the elliptical with an ice pack on my knee during the time I’m in the car driving Stinkerbelle to school… DUDE. I WOULD BE IN TIME MANAGEMENT HEAVEN.

2 thoughts on “Not Enough Hours

  1. I’m not sure that voice recognition software has quite got that far yet. Although I’m all for the idea of exercising while driving…. that is about the only way I would be able to fit it in!

  2. I get you girl, since I hurt my back before xmas I have had a hard time fitting in my 1 hour back exercises that I should do AT LEAST once a day, optimally twice a day…ICE IS MY BEST FRIEND right now……I’m typing this while it’s past midnight in Italy icing my back because alas…today is another one of those days where I didn’t manage to fit in my back exercises.

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